Indiana 85, Purdue 58 (Final)

That’s a final. Lousy effort by a young Purdue team. Indiana continues to be incredibly efficient at home.


7:56, second half: Indiana 63, Purdue 37

Anybody know the largest margin of victory in these series? We could be nearing it right now.

Is Indiana this good at home, is Purdue this bad on the road or is this just a combination of both?


12:22, second half: Indiana 49, Purdue 32

Purdue has found an effective way to score but it’s probably too late. Landry is having success taking the ball from 10 feet out and actually driving against White, instead of getting the feed low and going straight up.

But the Hoosiers are too in control now. Unless they self-destruct — rare at home this year — they should be able to hold on.

17:11, second half: Indiana 38, Purdue 24

D.J. White showed nice patience and was able to take a layup past Landry, and he also took a nice feed from Bassett and finished.


0:47, first half: Indiana 34, Purdue 20

Earlier in the half, Calloway hit a 3-pointer and then said something Purdue coach Matt Painter.

Painter began yapping with Sampson and eventually Calloway went over and spoke with Painter. Anyone lucky enough to catch this game on ESPNU see what happened there?


3:43, first half: Indiana 25, Purdue 14

Landry just found Teague cross court completely uncovered, and he hit a 3-pointer. That could open things up a bit for the Boilermakers.


5:54, first half: Indiana 20, Purdue 9

White just got the ball to the right of the basket and made a quick feed to a cutting Calloway. He held on and hit an easy layup. This made Purdue coach Matt Painter irate and he called a time out. Let’s see how they respond.


7:45, first half: Indiana 15, Purdue 7

If ever there were to be a video of a team beating itself, footage of this half would be shown. Purdue keeps finding a way to give the ball back: it dribbled a ball of a toe on a fast break, keeps walking all over the floor and is making Rod Wilmont look like John Stockton with its decision-making.

But Indiana isn’t exactly taking advantage.


11:24, first half: Indiana 12, Purdue 4

OK. So as soon as I say the 3s aren’t falling they fall. That’s just how it goes sometime.

First, Bassett ran a play where he inbounded to Mike White and White handed it back while also setting a screen.

Then A.J. Ratliff, out for the past two and half games with an injured wrist, got the ball and got itchy and let fly. It rattled but fell.


13:26, first half: Indiana 6, Purdue 4

Lots of tussling for the ball on the floor but neither team is sharp offensively. Purdue has walked a couple of times and Indiana is launching up 3-pointers. They’ve taken at least four by my unofficial count. No looks for White down low because they’re fronting him pretty well. But he’s dominating Landry in the paint at the other end, thanks in part to a double team from Stemler.

Ratliff’s about to enter the game. He’s got a cast on his left wrist so it will be interesting to see how he handles that.


Elmo and Big Bird are here. Nice of them to come out. Usually they stay in because of all the autograph seekers but tonight’s game was just too big.

So, who guards Landry?


Starting for Indiana, as expected: Calloway, Wilmont, Bassett, Stemler and D.J. White.


Late, late, late, late arriving crowd.

Some sections are only 1/4th full and they’re about to announce the starting lineups.


  1. Wilmont is hustling, as usual, but is making mistakes early in the game that you shouldn’t see from a senior. On one possession he had trouble knowing where to be in running the offense, then he passed up a wide-open 3. On the next, he took a better-defended three and missed. He’s out of the game now as IU holds a 6-4 lead with 13:10 left in the half.

  2. After Bassett and Ratliff hit back-to-back 3s to put Indiana up 12-4, Mike White drew Sampson’s ire by trying to shoot over a double-team. As White went to the huddle, Sampson was gesturing madly, showing White that he needed to throw the ball back out of the double team.

  3. 7 points for Purdue in 12+ minutes. The Boilers are on pace to break 20 before this game is over.

    Indiana with six blocks already. D.J. White’s defense inside is a big factor so far. Purdue isn’t hitting from outside and is getting bottled up underneath when it gets the ball inside.

  4. The student section next to us was just chanting, “Stand up old people.”

    The issue of whether students or “old people” are going to define the environment and decorum at Assembly Hall has been heating up lately, and this is another sign of that.

  5. Indiana’s subs with a 10-0 run to break the game wide open at 59-32. A couple of 3s by Ratliff and Shaw, a dunk by Mike White and a couple of free throws after a tech on Matt Painter.

    And how about this return for A.J.? He’s 3-for-3 on 3s.

  6. What is with these late arriving crowds for games like
    I see there is an issue between “old people” sitting on their
    hands and the students, and I don’t blame them.
    If people get great floor seats they can at least by
    enthusiastic. Otherwise, let’s see that student section!

  7. To answer your question about Painter “yapping” at
    Sampson and then Calloway going to Painter, evidently
    Painter thought Calloway glared at him and he took
    exception to that.
    Poor baby.

  8. screw that whiner Painter! I hope we kill them every single year this bozo is their coach. This is a freakin’ rivalry not an etiquette class!!

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