Recruiting update: Holman and Jurick

If the blow out victory over Purdue wasn’t enough good news for Hoosier fans — I present you with more.

Eli Holman held his press conference at Richmond High today, which assistant coach Lonnie Coleman described as “absolutely great.”

Due to the attention brought to the appeal, the California Interscholastic Federation has agreed to review the accurate information that Holman and his camp presented today.

“Elijah made it perfectly clear,” Coleman said, “he told them verbatim, ‘this is bigger than me. This is about my community. There is so much negativity coming out of Richmond, if they make a decision and I get to play one game, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.'”

To put in perspective how much support Holman had at this press conference, the referee (David Mullins) that he physically confronted in the December 3, 2005 incident spoke on his behalf.

Coleman said that no matter which way the appeals process comes out, Holman wants to release an additional statement soon. I also talked to Coleman at length about Holman has been playing, where and against who. I’ll provide that info soon.

On another front, I also talked to IU recruit Philip Jurick tonight. The 6-foot-11 center is only a junior at Chattanooga (TN) East Ridge, but has now been up to Bloomington twice for recruiting visits. At the beginning of the season, Jurick came for Hoosier Hysteria, but he also attended last week’s Michigan State game.

Jurick said the game was “real fun” and he enjoyed getting to interact with some of the players and seeing the campus. The other schools he has visited and are in contention are Kentucky and Tennessee. I’ll have more on Jurick coming up, as well.

That’s all for this evening. Hoosier fans should sleep well tonight.


  1. Thanks for the story. It appears Holman has put his head on his shoulders. In my opinion if E. Holman plays ordoesn’t play this year he will come out the other side of this a better person. It is good to see that the staff is recruiting frontcourt players. Any news on whether IU is going after that Jones kid in NW Indiana?

    A shout out to Chris. I live about an hour and a half from Erie and almost three hours upriver (Allegheney) from Pittsburgh. Like Indiana it has been unseasonably warm here this winter and for that I thank the sun.


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