Tuesday press conference highlights

Well, I’ve just about reorganized my thoughts following the weekly Kelvin Sampson Comedy Hour. Good session this week with a few interesting tidbits.

Here are a few that I won’t be able to fit in the paper tomorrow.

— Sampson said the Big Ten has a rule stating that traveling teams must arrive the night before a game. He’d prefer not to do that in many cases because it creates so much down time for his team. When he was at Oklahoma — the Big 12 has no such rule — he’d have the team leave the day of a game and never even bother with a hotel. This season, he’s learning to use the idle time. He said that’s the best time for players to watch game film, since they don’t always get many hours to do that during a typical week.

— D.J. White said he started really feeling comfortable — with new coach Kelvin Sampson, with his healed left foot, with a new offense — in December. He’s become a much more versatile player since then, according to Sampson. Of course, Sampson added his own jovial barb at his best player: “I don’t think D.J. made a jump shot in November.”

— After the Michigan game, in which the Wolverines went to the line 35 times compared to Indiana’s 18, Sampson said the disparity could be blamed on the Hoosiers’ aggressive defense and stupid play. He was upset with the number of times his players fouled on jump shots. He realizes that free throws will be a major factor on Wednesday night — the Badgers get to the line more than anyone in the conference — and is hoping the game is not called too tightly.

I’ll post more once I go through my notes more thoroughly.

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