Indiana at Northwestern, live updates . . .

Indiana 69, Northwestern 65 — Final

The Hoosiers squeaked out their self-described “must win” game to defeat the Wildcats, 69-65.

Kelvin Sampson most likely would have returned to Bloomington with a loss if it wasn’t for the spectacular play of Rod Wilmont. The senior had a career night, finishing with 31 points and 12 rebounds. Wilmont set the school record for 3s in a game, shooting 9-14 from beyond the arc.

The game went down to the wire despite the Hoosiers outrebounding the Wildcats, 34-21.


:09, second half: Indiana 68, Northwestern 65

Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson opts for a time out to set up the last play. Wonder how much film he’s watched of Northwestern in this situation?

He must have felt confident that he has some general idea what they’ll do, or at least he believe his team is more organized coming off a restart.


1:40, second half: Indiana 63, Northwestern 58

Ok, forget everything I said about how well Indiana has handled the pressure. Three quick steals and baskets changes everything.


2:42, second half: Indiana 62, Northwestern 52

Indiana hasn’t had to break the press much, but did it well there.

Five players in Indiana history have hit eight 3-pointers in a game, most recently Robert Vaden last season.


2:43, second half: Indiana 60, Northwestern 52

Wilmont just set the school record with his ninth 3-pointer.


7:41, second half: Indiana 50, Northwestern 46

Time for the Hoosiers to start passing the ball with some authority.


10:03, second half: Indiana 48, Wildcats 44

Sampson is going to the drawing board. No, I don’t suddenly have an affinity for cliches. He really is. What is he diagramming?


11:20, second half: Indiana 48, Wildcats 41

I live only a block up Henderson form the creek in question. My guess is that the rocks were placed there to reinforce the the ground there. It had eroded quite a bit since I’ve been here, and that’s only six months. It was getting pretty high on a regular basis.

Oh, and basketball. The Hoosiers continue to be baffled by the fact that Northwestern is running and hustling all over the place on both sides of the ball. Just baffled. But the 3-point shot is carrying them through.


13:12, second half: Indiana 48, Northwestern 39

On a night where Indiana’s offense has no flow because of Northwestern’s constant trapping at the point of attack, Rod Wilmont is making none of it matter. He’s just stepping back, raising his hands as a sign for Bassett to get him the ball and knocking down shots. He’s 7-for-9 from 3-pointer and has 23 points to go with seven blocks.


15:07, second half: Indiana 42, Northwestern 35

White with four points in the half and a couple of boards. They’re definitely working to get him shots but he’s not knocking down everything. He’s got a couple of misses and isn’t finishing as strong as he sometimes does.

Bassett with another 3 there. The Hoosiers are 9-for-21 from beyond the arc so far, accounting for 27 points.


Rod Wilmont’s here. He’s playing well. He’s got 14 points and five rebounds already.

D.J. White, well . . . he’s got three points and two rebounds. Is it really too much to expect for him to take over in a game like this? He’s All-Big Ten and everything, right? It’s just not happening and there doesn’t seem to be a real solid reason for it other than Northwestern is pressure the ball out high and its never getting to him. Let’s see what Sampson has come up with at half time. A few of you have been critical of his in-game coaching abilities lately.


Half: Indiana 32, Northwestern 28

Wilmont was just keeping it exciting for y’all. He scored nine in the last minute and half, including that banked 3-pointer just before the buzzer to give Indiana less of a lead than it should have but a lead anyway.


3:51, first half: Northwestern 22, Indiana 20

The Hoosiers are rattled. Lots of pressure from the Wildcats on defense is causing terrible decision making. Wilmont and Ratliff have both forced bad passes on offense and been burned on defense.

Northwestern plays that old Princeton offense, but they resemble Pete Carill’s team for more than just a system. They’re poised and relentless.


7:27, first half: Indiana 20, Northwestern 14

Calloway is dribbling most with his left hand and only using the injured right arm on cross overs. He’s also favoring his right side on defense. It’s going to take a little while for him to get comfortable again. He’s about to re-enter the game after about a four-minute break.


13:16, first half: Indiana 9, Northwestern 6

After two too easy baskets for the Wildcats, Sampson called timeout to yank Ratliff and Bassett in favor of Calloway and Shaw.

This is the first time Calloway has played since Feb. 15 because of a separated shoulder. Let’s watch him closely.


14:39, first half: Indiana 9, Northwestern 2

Ratliff with two early 3s and Wilmont with another. There’s no reason Indiana shouldn’t win big, easy. Northwestern just doesn’t have the players to keep up, not to mention the fact that most of the fans here aren’t cheering for the home team.


Calloway sitting, at least to start the game.


No sound system here tonight at Walsh-Ryan Arena. Quite the inopportune time to have this malfunction. The Senior Night ceremony was just conducted in total silence. I was hoping at least someone could do sign language of the planned announcements, but no go.

About 30 minutes to game time here (or at least senior day activities). Calloway was out early shooting around but there’s been no indication of whether he’ll play. He’s still being called a “game-time decision.”

At least half the fans here so far — it’s pretty sparse — are wearing Indiana colors. It’s a terrible blend, the Purple of Northwestern and Crimson of Indiana.


  1. As Welsh-Ryan has filled up, IU fans are still in the majority. I remember a strong Hoosier turnout in games here in the past, but not this strong.

    Somebody next to me just said the Hoosiers are going to solve their road problems tonight by bringing their crowd with them.

  2. The sound system is suddenly working here. Seems more like a real college basketball game. Having the combination of no announcer and a pro-IU crowd was a little weird.

  3. Hey fellas,
    Blogging from city council… thanks for the game updates! Maybe the sound system problems will come down here. That would be some news!
    The student section here is filing in on time. Must be class project time.

  4. Hi Emily. Thank God they don’t allow citizen comments here like they do at city council. We’d be here all night. And please ask Dan Sherman why in the world city council doesn’t have a halftime show with dribbling contests and games of musical chairs like they have here.

  5. Will do, Doug. The council trades seats once a year. Just last month, in fact! And they chose a captain.

    Perhaps the city council should institute a public comment system like they have at basketball games — everybody yell at once, boo when you don’t like decisions, if the meeting is ending and you need to get a couple points in, throw out an intentional foul and stop the clock.
    No more of this Robert’s Rules of Order stuff! And why can’t I get some nachos???

  6. Emily,

    Find out who in the City gave the OK to fill in the nice little brook at Winslow and Henderson with rock. It looks awful.

  7. Will do, Mr. Sampson. Thanks for the info. I have seen some construction equipment at that intersection recently. It looked like they were reinforcing the infrastructure or maybe replacing pipes. I’ll look into it further for ya. And feel free to e-mail me at
    Sorry, Doug and Chris, I just took over your blog.

  8. No problem, Emily. We’re always glad to see a little of the basketball spotlight shine upon such lesser concerns as government and the wants and needs of local citizens.

  9. If I lose to Northwestern tonight, I figure I’ll be out of a job and writing a guest column for the H-T. So I’m trying to get a handle on some of the civic affairs.

  10. The Hoosiers are still in a lot of trouble in the game, although they’ve led all half. If they hit much of a cold streak from outside, they’ll probably see Northwestern grab the lead the way the game is progressing.

    And the Northwestern crowd that’s in the lower rows of the arena is getting loud and excited. They remind me of a fired up home crowd at a big high school gym, getting excited about a possible upset of heavily favored visitors.

    But as I write this Wilmont hits another 3, tying a school record with eight. He has hit 8-of-10 3s and has 26 points.

  11. All right, coming down to the wire here. I think this demolition delay ordinance is going to get a do-pass recommendation. Then I’ll race home to see the end of the game…

  12. I know from the TV it sounded like there were a LOT of IU Fans. How many IU fans were there and what percentage of the building was IU red. Also was it just me or did I here Rodrick WIlmont chants during the game as well as GO IU.

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