Sacramento, Day 2

Glorious day here in the capital of the Sunshine State.

Like many state capitals, Sacramento has a clean, somewhat stifling government-ness to it. The downtown is really quite charming, with broad walkways of cobblestone, aromatic coffee shops and statues of naked Greek dudes.

What sort of surprised Doug and me this morning was the lack of bustle. There just aren’t many people wandering around. I lived in downtown Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, and people were always out enjoying the day, especially on days like this.

But we can’t really complain.

Happy National College Basketball day, by the way. It is, like all of this country’s great holidays, a secular celebration of inclusion.

After breakfast at a small deli and a delightful morning stroll, Doug and I have retreated to the hotel room to observe what’s happening around the country. Reading the papers this morning, I had to smirk at Louisville coach Rick Pitino’s contention that the Cardinals playing in Lexington wasn’t a big advantage.

Well, Louisville is currently embarrassing Stanford, which should probably just jump on a plane back to Palo Alto without even bothering to finish the game.

Bob Knight, a great friend of the Hoosier Scoop blog, is about to be sent home. Texas Tech is down five with less than 30 seconds remaining.

Anyway, check back for updates. Doug is currently writing a couple of stories and we’re preparing to podcast in-between our various radio appearances. All of that should be posted in the next hour or so on and then we’ll head out to Arco Arena to begin our coverage from the site.


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