A few Thursday recruiting notes…

No time for an intro, here we go:

Eli Holman received his SAT grades last week. How did he do? It appears no one outside of Holman’s circle and maybe IU knows. I’ve made countless attempts, via e-mail and phone, the past couple of days to get a hold of Holman’s spokesperson Lonnie Coleman but have had no success. I’ve also tried calling Holman’s cell phone for the last few days, but it has conveniently been turned off.

The conspiracy theorists out there might deduct that this means maybe Holman didn’t do so hot. If you remember, Holman’s grades were in question earlier this school year. If Holman were to have done poorly on his SATs he might be forced to go to prep school. If that were the case, the Hoosiers would have (gasp) another scholarship available. I hear some kid who was going to Texas A&M might be available…

On the same note, that kid, DeAndre Jordan, has also been a difficult player to track down. Despite his AAU coaches listing their contact information publicly, I have a better chance of getting a hold of the golden snitch at this point. From initial reports, it does appear Jordan is leaning towards staying at A&M, but weirder things have happened (this week).

And lastly, an interesting story I can’t get out of my head. Many of you know the story of Beas Hamga now, but there is a player in a similar situation by the name of Emmanuel Negedu. Negedu players in New Hampshire for Brewster Academy, but will return this summer to play for the Indiana Elite.

I was talking to one Bloomington high school player who has played with both Hamga and Negedu. The player raved about Negedu’s athleticism. He said he saw Negedu at the Sportsplex once, jumping from a stand still, touch above the white box on the backboard. The Bloomington athlete, who can dunk easily and is a physical specimen of his own, said he has never seen a vertical jump like Negedu’s.

Negedu is reportedly considering several schools; one of the schools included is Indiana.