A few Thursday recruiting notes…

• In case you haven’t heard yet, Jarmarcus Ellis was named the Junior College Player of the Year earlier this week. Ellis, who led his team to a 33-3 record averaged 17.1 points, 8.6 rebounds and 6.0 assists a game this season.

• The NCAA has recommended a ban to eliminate text messaging between coaches and recruits. As it stands now, coaches and recruits can “text” each other on an unlimited basis, and this isn’t thanks to Verizon’s new wireless plan.

Unlike phone calls and official visits where there are set restrictions, text messaging has existed for the past several years without guidelines. I’ve talked to several recruits who said they have been constantly bombarded with text messages from head coaches and assistant coaches around the country. The messages come so frequently that one recruit told me he has to turn off his phone during the day, just to not be distracted.

If the ban is approved, coaches will find themselves recruiting without what was considered their new favorite toy. Basketball and football programs will have to resort to Amish-like technology and only e-mail and phone recruits. I can hear Bruce Weber complaining in the distance.

• No word yet from Eli Holman’s camp. I talked to Richmond’s principal Orlando Ramos briefly yesterday, but because of school privacy laws he wasn’t able to disclose any information to me regarding Holman’s test scores. Ramos was aware though that Holman had recently taken the SATs, but that is as far as the information exchange went. I’ll let you guys know as soon as I hear something.

• I got an e-mail this week from a reader who was happy to hear the Hoosiers were recruiting big men, but wanted to know a little bit more about the players. Here is a brief scouting report to give you guys an idea:

Beas Hamga: Extremely athletic, great shot blocker and rebounder. His offensive game is a little raw, but nothing a season or two of coaching can’t polish.

Philip Jurick: Great inside the paint. Nearly averages as many rebounds as he does points. Like Hamga, raw offensively, but he has the size to be a force in the Big Ten.

Angel Garcia: This guy is a bit of a mystery to me. I watched him play in the state championship game and was impressed. For a 6-foot-10 guy he has a nice outside shot. But I also remember him putting a goose egg or two up this season. Let’s say the jury is still out.


  1. Should we add Devin Ebanks to this list? I guess we recently made his top four. He’s ranked #11 in the 2008 class.

    Any combination of 2 out of these 4 would go great with Bud and Eshaunte to round out the 08ers.

  2. Devin Ebanks is very much worthy of being on any list involving future Hoosier prospects. The only reason I didn’t include him was because I was just focusing on the 6-10 guys etc.

    My understanding is that Miami is the early favorite for Ebanks…but crazier things have happened.

  3. Man, Dolinger, your wit is so weak. Amish-like is a serious stretch. Why don’t you just try to be relevant instead of funny?

  4. I’m guessing you took offense to the Bruce Weber joke. My apologies. In other relevant news, Dollinger is spelled with two Ls.

  5. “Basketball and football programs will have to resort to Amish-like technology and only e-mail and phone recruits. I can hear Bruce Weber complaining in the distance.”

    Two of the funniest sentence I have read today.

    The NCAA shouldn’t ban text messaging, but should limit the amount, like they do phone calls and such.

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