America is an exotic land, full of quixotic people

350 miles west of Cheyenne, Wyoming — As the dusty hills and this wide expanse of land blurs by, my brother and I pass the time listening to bad albums from the 1990s and chewing on sunflower seeds.

In other words, we are minor league baseball players. Subject to long roads through and to nowhere, punctuated only with drab music and the macho comfort of spitting something into a cup.

It is, all in all, a good life.

Earlier, we passed through Salt Lake City, where remnants of the 2002 Winter Olympics still stand. That city is also the final burial ground of the Mike Davis era at Indiana, as his 2006 Hoosiers lost to Gonzaga in the NCAA Tournament there.

A few days ago, we drove through Sacramento, where this year’s Indiana team met its end. Although both my brother Mike and I find Sacramento to be a lovely city, we did not stop. There’s too much else to see.

Interstate 80 stretches out in front of us, running past mostly nothing more than the small shrubbery that can survive here. We’re cruising at 80 MPH under impossibly light clouds and a sky the color of chlorinated water.


  1. Ain’t too sure I’m gettin the overall concept of this here post. It don’t have much to do with them there Hoosier boys. Yall got any more stuff to talk about with them basketball Hoosiers? I ain’t seen much on here lately. Please don’t start hollerin about them football team Hoosiers, I cant even fathom another goll darn season of that there stuff. Whats up with this eric gordon feller and the other new basketballers. Out here in Oolitic we don’t get a whole lot of that there sports news. Thanks yall.

    Bob M.

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