Big Ten moving to 18-game conference schedule

Indiana will see more of its conference rivals next basketball season. They’ll play all but two teams twice under the new 18-game Big Ten slate.
For the past few years, the Big Ten has used a 16-game conference schedule. That meant that the Hoosiers played four teams just once (this year those teams were, quite fortuitously, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northwestern).

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  1. Are you sure about this chris. I have not seen ANY other source on the internet that has the same news. Are you sure you’re not making this up and if not where did you get this information.

  2. John:

    I sided with you and assumed Chris was making it up. Just like that time he told me everyone new at the H-T had to come to the office the first day in their boxers. Liar.

    But then I searched Google News for “Big Ten 18 game season” and found a couple of hits. So it looks like he is telling the truth this time. That doesn’t mean I have forgiven him.

  3. Last I saw was big ten coaches voted for a 20 game round robin conf. schd. Playing all teams in conf twice. No estimated time for implimenting it, or if it even will happen

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