Brrr….live updates from Memorial Stadium

The scoreless scrimmage just finished. We’re headed down for interviews.
OK, another trick play on the first and goal play, and the Hoosier offense committed a penalty and was pushed back 15 yards. No touchdown again.
With a 21 yard pass from Lewis to Blake Powers it looks like the Hoosier offense is going to finall score, it’s first and goal from the 3.
Two nice reverses – 18 yards for Andrew Means and 30 for Ray Fisher – got the No. 2 offense down to the 20, but the defense was able to stop the drive there to maintain its shutout.
We’re more than an hour into this and still haven’t seen a touchdown. Not a good day for the offense. The “crowd”, which had at one point swelled to more than 100 people is back down to closer to 50.
Big scoop here — Marcus Thigpen is good. He just returned a kickoff about 60 yards.
The Hoosiers are doing some live punting practice now. The freshman they’ve brought into punt this year, Chris Hagerup, has not been impressive in the open practices so far and he’s struggling again today.
An update on William Keglar. He’s here, but he isn’t dressed to play. He was optimistic about playing through his foot injury, but that isn’t happening today.
The scoring threat fizzles as Chappell throws incomplete on 4th and 10 from the 11. After completing his first six passes, Chappell missed three straight after the Hoosiers got a 1st and 10 at the 11. The Hoosiers also tried a trick play there, but I’ll likely be banned for life by IU if I divulge anything more about that play.

Oh, and there was another blocked field goal, this time by Fabienne Boone as the coaching staff set the offense up for a short attempt by Kevin Trulock.
The No. 2 offense finally has something going. They’re on the 11 yard line after Chappell completed consecutive passes – 25 yards to Brandon Walker-Roby and 18 yards to Terrence Turner. Chappell is 6-of-7 so far.
The No. 1 defense is still having a good day against the No. 1 offense. I have Kellen Lewis at 3-of-7 for just 27 yards on this cold morning. Demetrius McCray had a 15-yard run, but other than that, the offense isn’t doing much. And when the coaches just moved the ball forward to practice a field goal, Tracy Porter blocked Austin Starr’s attempt.

We’re about half an hour into this scrimmage and there aren’t any touchdowns yet.
We just had a nice little fight on the field with several guys on the No. 2 offense and defense throwing punches. Anything to get warmed up, I guess.
Ben Chappell is off to a good start, 3-for-3 in passing, with the No. 2 offense.
Polk is playing with the No. 1 defense at safety, alongside Austin Thomas. The defense is having the best of it early as the Hoosiers are primarily running the ball.
We’re finally underway. Kellen Lewis ran for 11 yards on the first play, but Thigpen fumbled it on the next one.
It’s 10:45 and the team is still going through some warm-up drills. I imagine they will be underway soon.
The Hoosiers are out on the field warming up. Perhaps 50 brave fans are now in the stands. I think we should invite them up into the press box, which has seating for more than 100 and is currently occupied by about six reporters and three or four IU media relations employees.
It’s a few minutes past 10, but there’s only a few people in the stadium and the Hoosiers haven’t taken the field yet for their scheduled 10 a.m. scrimmage.

The word here is that the players will come out at about 10:15. The scrimmage is starting late in hopes the temperature will rise a few degrees. We are in the press box here, which is warm, but I don’t envy the perhaps 20 fans in the stands right now. There was a strong, cold wind outside the stadium as we walked in. As local radio announcer Joe Smith just said, November football weather is here!


  1. Thanks for the updates guys. I was going to come to the scrimmage today, but instead I will be following along here in my living room. I have mixed feelings about Polk. I really thought he, and Means both, had some good moments and showed some progress at receiver last year, but heaven knows we need a lot of help in the d-backfield! Does Nick have any experience there?

  2. Hey Kevin, Nick played wide receiver and defensive back in high school. As well as he was playing at receiver, this shows how badly IU needs help at safety.

  3. Thanks. How does the first team center look snapping the ball in the shotgun? We really had trouble with that early last year until we moved the senior there. Sorry I forgot his name….he did a great job, but before that it was really erratic.

  4. Kevin,

    Only a few shotgun snaps so far, and we’re in the press box so it’s hard to tell exactly how good the snaps are.

    But so far Ben Wyss appears to be handling the duty well.


  5. Why don’t you guys get down to field level and do some reporting, instead of drinking brandy in the press box? lol

  6. Hey Bob,

    For the same reason me and you didn’t go out there today–it’s too freakin cold!

    I don’t suppose there is any sign of Coach Hep up there in that nice cozy box? You probably couldn’t tell us if there was huh?

    Has Hardy touched the ball yet?

  7. Bob,

    You’re a wiser man than any of us, and if you had posted this yesterday perhaps we could have utilized your idea.

    The brandy, I mean, not going down to the field.


  8. Kevin,

    No sign of Coach Hoeppner.

    Yes, we’d tell you if we did see him.

    Hardy has made a few grabs but on short routes and was immediately tackled.


  9. I was wondering about the punter. Unimpressive how? slow? short? low?

    Also what kind of scheme is the first team defense playing man or zone?

  10. Kevin, we’ve seen some man and some zone.

    Hagerup hasn’t shown much height or distance when I’ve seen him. In a live punt situation here a few minutes ago, he shanked one that went maybe 10 or 15 yards, but even his better punts have been well short of 40 yards.

  11. Doug,

    Since you were in the press box, you might not have been able to hear the sound the ball made on punts, it sounded like he was kicking a rock out there.

    I really thought that the timing between Kellen and the recievers was off, and Kellen floated a few high. Chappell started good, but strugled when the line couldn’t contain the blitz. Any chance we will get to see Chappell run the No. 1 offense against the No. 1 defense this weekend?

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