Cam Cameron and his adoring fans

Former Hoosiers football coach Cam Cameron is off to a rip-roaring start in Miami.

The Dolphins opted to choose Ted Ginn Jr., that blur with a football from Ohio State, with the No. 9 pick in the draft. Ginn, who has an injured foot, had seen his stock drop considerably. He’s not a very polished receiver.

And, that Brady Quinn fella from Notre Dame was still available. And Dolphins fans really wanted a quarterback (they eventually got one in John Beck of Brigham Young in the second round.)

Still, the video is worth a watch.

Find it here. 


  1. I felt bad for Cameron watching that. If John Beck, the QB they took in Round 2, turns out to be a solid player and Ginn can fully recover from the ankle injury in the bowl game…then they will look back and think about how great of a draft this was.

    I was still surprised the didn’t take Quinn, but he isn’t a sure fire franchise quarterback…who knows, maybe they feel like Beck is that guy.

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