Los Hoosiers de Indiana contra U-20 Mexican National Team

79:00, first half: Mexico has taken a 2-0 lead on a free kick from just outside the box.

Chay Cain came out to challenge on a high bouncing ball and was called for a yellow card, even though it appeared to be a fairly clean play.

Mexico captain and back Hector Moreno took the kick from about 20 yards out and to the right of the net. He hooked a shot passed a diving Cain.


Half: Mexico still leads 1-0.

Indiana didn’t record a single shot in the first half, while Mexico had five. Indiana had more corner kicks, 3-1, and fouls, 9-4.


38:00, first half: Mexico has taken a 1-0 lead on feed through the box by Pablo Barrera and sliding finish by Javier Hernandez.

Barrera took a long feed and managed to stay onside before cutting a few feet left and sliding a pass along the ground to a trailing Hernandez, who managed to get his left foot on the ball, sending it slicing left past Indiana keeper Chay Cain but just inside the goal post.


26:30, first half: It appears as though Brian Ackley’s time on double-secret probation has ended. He’s entering the game, as Indiana is beginning to push the ball upfield a bit more. They were reluctant for the first 20 minutes as they tried to adjust to Mexico’s ability to get up field and create so quickly.

9:35, first half: Mexico is the aggressor early, sending deep balls down the sidelines and looking to create that way. Indiana is responding by bunching tight in the back and luring Mexico off-sides. Looks like the Hoosiers are playing with four on the back line, which they rarely do.


A couple of roster notes for Indiana:

Leading scorer Brian Ackley is being held out of spring exhibition games due to off-the-field transgressions.

Second-leading scorer Darren Yeagle is out with an injured ACL.

Starting back Greg Stevning is taking the spring to get over post-concussion symptoms.

Midfield/Back Kevin Alston is recovering from surgery to repair a sports hernia.

Kevin Robson, who exhausted his eligibility last season, is suiting up for Indiana.

So Indiana is missing a lot of talent, and apparently borrowing from its past to make up for that.


Ellos jugarán el fútbol aquí hoy.

They’re going to play soccer here today. And it should be a good one.

Indiana finishes its spring exhibition season with a match against the Mexican Under-20 National Team at Armstrong Stadium. A week after the Little 500 festivities a decidedly different crowd has swarmed to this sun-lit vista. The green, white and red of the Mexican flag overwhelms Hoosier red, and the mariachi band just showed up.

How interesting that the most boisterous crowd these IU players may ever see in their careers here comes in April, with the season nowhere in sight. Soccer means so much to so many people in this world. That is a abundantly clear here today.

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  1. Thanks for the run-down!

    Too bad IU was so low on talent- Stevning may have not let Barrera get loose to create the first goal, and having Yeagle and Ackley up front for the whole game could’ve at least gotten the Hoosiers a couple more chances on goal.

    Still, it looks like the Mexicans just had a better team. Maybe this will underscore the importance of “keeping it together” for Ackley (even tho he came in half-way through the first half).

    Still, the Hoosiers got some work to do if they want to make it back to Final Four next December.

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