Shaw still undecided . . .

Ok, just got off the phone with Indiana guard Joey Shaw.

He’s still trying to decide whether he wants to stay at Indiana or not.

“I’m just trying to figure out if this is the best place for me,” he said.

Earlier today, Shaw’s former AAU coach Earl Flagg said he thought it would be best for Shaw to transfer, and that he thought his former player was leaning toward looking for a new school that could offer him more playing time.

Shaw’s father Joe said the same thing late last week.

But Joey Shaw is still pondering.

“I’m just not 100 percent,” he said. “I need some time.”


  1. I hope Joey doesn’t transfer, but I can understand why he would consider it. There didn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to his minutes at the end of the season and it’s looking like he’ll be buried behind several guards (including Gordon) next year.

    A shame. I hope he stays around — he has the potential to be a VERY good asset to Indiana.

  2. Sorry to hear that, but if that is what is best for JS then I wish him the best in whatever he chooses….
    Has there been any other players thinking about transfering, I know its a touchy subject but any info. on this would be greatly apreciated, thanks………

  3. knasmiley,

    The other rampant rumor is that Xavier Keeling will depart for a school closer to his home in Alabama, possibly even to UAB where the original coach who recruited him, Mike Davis, now coaches.

    We’ve had no confirmation of that yet. Indiana media relations will release word of any player who asks to be released from his scholarship, a necessary step if that player wants to seek another scholarship.

    Although there are plenty of deals orchestrated without anyone from the new team ever talking to the actual player. AAU coaches and other handlers very often make sure that a kid will have offers available before he takes a risks and asks out of his scholarship.

    It’s all beginning to happen right now as most of the college basketball world gathers in Atlanta at the site of the Final Four. Rosters are beginning to shake out and spots are opening up. The movement will be very hot for the next few weeks.


  4. Joey needs to go..his game and body style is meant for UAB..we need the spot for size..thats about as truthful as it would be a win-win..Joey is a slasher and a great d..but good hands..his shot is flat,,and to unpredictable for IU..

  5. Thanks Chris, Im kind of out of the loop way up here in upstate ny and any help and insight is greatly appreciated….

    I can tell you this Chris, I dont like the source thing but I have someone with knowledge and has been dead on EARLY about almost everything. He stated yesturday that things are getting ready to explode with BIG TIME recruits in contact with IU and KS, I know you have heard this before but I guarantee you this is what is happening. So I dont know if JS and XK will really bolt but im telling if they do look for some BIG names to come up with IU and thier interest level to be VERY VERY HIGH…………….Like you said this all will shake out soon, im just sharing what has been told to me, seems we might get an influx of BIG TIME players soon………….
    Thanks again……..

  6. Joey Shaw could be a good player, but he needs to leave IU. I have nothing against the kid, but fact is, he will not get playing time with the guards we have, and with EG coming in, him exploring other options and transfering will open up a scholarship spot that Coach Sampson can use to recruit some size for down low. An area we need major help in.

  7. I don’t agree with those who want him to leave. I think
    he has a world of talent, and with some strength training
    and emphasis on his D, he will be outstanding.
    I hope you don’t leave, Joey!

  8. With X pretty much a certainty of transferring, Thomas would take his spot.

    Who do you think we go after if Shaw leaves or do we leave the scholly for next year?

    Lickliter just took the Iowa job, so maybe we would go after Matt Howard who is committed to Butler. Or maybe Gillispie pulls something crazy off and we could go after Jordan from A&M.

  9. Scott, I know that the other DJ says that if Billy G bolts for UK or UF that he wants to suit up for IU. Beyond that I dont know, but we all will soon enough………..

  10. IU Fan, you would rather Joey Shaw sit on the bench at IU then to transfer and become a starter for a school that needs someone in his position? He will not see the court time he thought he would when MD recruited him.

  11. Mike P., I’m not sure about that. He has a ton of talent
    and would be a great addition to what we have if he
    just improves his defense and puts on some muscle, IMO.
    He has a good basketball IQ and seems to have a good

  12. IU Fan, that is the basis for me thinking he should leave. He is a good kid, good attitude, seems to work hard, and could be an impact guy for some team. If you look at our bench, what we have comming in, Shaw is going to have to fight tooth and nail for 3-5 min playing time a night, when he could transfer, sit a year, and come back as a starter, and it would free up a spot for us to get another big man.

  13. It would not be smart for Joey to transfer. He will have to sit 2 out of 3 years (redshirted freshman year). He will also loose 1 year of eligibility. A player only has 5 years to complete 4. He will need 6 years to complete 4. He is making a huge mistake if he transfers.

  14. Bill, you said the same thing about the x-man. Joey Shaw is a Freshman in the NCAA’s eyes. He sits one year for a transfer, then he has two seasons left to play!

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