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UPDATE: The Indiana athletics department has asked that the chat be removed. I can summarize what I remember.

Armon said that he expects both D.J. White and Joey Shaw to stay with the team. White is considering the NBA Draft and Shaw is thinking about transferring.

He said that Eric Gordon is an incredible player and that they have good chemistry. Gordon was in town playing pick up ball yesterday.

Armon, who rooms with Xavier Keeling, said that X may end up playing football wherever he transfers.

If anybody else remembers anything, just post it in the comments.


Indiana freshman Armon Bassett participated in a chat with the folks over at tonight. They’re good friends of the Hoosier Scoop, and this chat is pretty amazing for its content.

I’ll have to assume this actually was Armon chatting, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. His honesty here is really, really refreshing. Finally, somebody treats basketball like just that: basketball. It’s not a state secret, nor does it reveal the truth behind any religious texts. It’s just a game, for fun.

I strongly recommend reading this chat.

You can find it right here.


  1. Hey Chris,
    That was AB … he asked to do the chat session. It was a bit hectic with all of the questions pouring in but he handled himself very well. He seems extremely pumped about the coming year and new recruits!

  2. Great stuff for sure, AB was great from start to finish and him talking about the team was great, dont get that much. Im 37 years old and that is the first time I have talked with a player, either in person or on here and it was AWESOME………

    Thanks Cheyemtmn and Hoosier Scoop at that matter……..


  3. THe chat is not online anymore. THEre is a notice that IU media has requested that it be taken off.

  4. Did Armon mention something about the possibility of a “big surprise”?

    If so, in what context?

    Are we talking DeAndre Jordan-level surprise, or we talking about the addition of a more flowing fabric for the warm-up jerseys-type surprise?

  5. They asked for it to be removed because AB mentioned something about a great big fat recruit that has not yet officially signed an LOI. That’s a violation, albeit a small one.

  6. Um….ok….he didn’t say anything about “Big Dre” and having to lose 30-40 pounds. Yep.

  7. obvious you were not at the chat or read that … AB did not say that … What was said that the strength and conditioning coach would knock off 30-40 pounds .. he did not mention a recruit at all… He was referring the rigors of the conditioning program … not a recruit

  8. Naptown… You are making things up… it was not requested to remove the transcripts for any reason… other than it was not a pre-approved event by the Media relations…

  9. I read the transcript. I was obviously speculating about the reason for removing it. However, you’re misleading people if you’re claiming that AB didn’t type “Big Dre” right before he talked about losing 30-40 pounds. The 30-40 pounds was talking about Deandre Thomas — or are you claiming that he just generally thinks that the strength and conditioning people will knock 30-40 pounds off of some other recruit?

    Talking about Thomas is a violation–at least until later this week. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a violation. They may have asked for removal for more generic reasons, but the idea that he committed a recruiting violation definitely played into it.

  10. You have a low reading comprehension skill then… He was referring to the rigors of the conditioning program… someone else referred to Deandre Thomas… and there was no violation
    You are the one misleading people… without clear information ….Look what you wrote … ” he didn’t say anything about “Big Dre” and having to lose 30-40 pounds.”
    AB never stated that. You added that part… What he did say was that the strength and conditioning coach would cause 30-40 pounds to drop… No mention of Dre in that statement… Which is a fair statement … look at Mike White… he dropped nearly as many pounds….

  11. And again you are speculating with no information…. about why it was removed… No one contacted HH directly to remove it… it was voluntarily removed.
    Not sure what your motive is … but there were no violations.
    I think you are a PUer trying to create something because of your fear! lol

  12. Look, I’m not the only one who read the transcript and thought he referred to DT. Are you claiming that he didn’t type “Big Dre” ?

    On Peegs, the next day, fiveoutofsix typed “He mentioned Thomas also and said our strength coach will get him to loose 30 pounds. KS wants him to loose 30 pounds before he can play and then he will be really really good.”

    On the Scout site, the next day, Craighoops typed “They call Deandre Thomas “Big DRE” and he said he’d promise to keep DT away from the Buffet line.”

    Obviously, other people, including Craighoops (who, incidentally said you do a GREAT job at your site) are illiterate just like me.

    You’re obviously in a better position than I am because you have the copy of the transcript. Unfortunately, my Google Desktop only recorded about half of it in cache. It just seems like you’re protesting a little too much about this — like you have something to hide. It’s on the minor side of very minor violations, but AB DID TALK ABOUT DT, and you know it.

    I’m happy you “voluntarily” removed the chat. Next time you do something “voluntarily” don’t put it under the heading “Chat Transcript was removed by request of IU Media” — that makes it seem just a little less voluntary.

  13. For one thing .. Google Desktop recording… LOL…. no such thing… the chat is a Java based chat room and the only way to collect what was said was to physically cut and paste text and place into a PC notepad or to take a screen print… nothing goes into a cache… If you are referring to the transcript .. again nothing is recorded into a cache… except for the link to post containing the now deleted transcript.

    You know boards are notorious to inflating or exaggerating what was actually said …. To throw that out as proof on what was was said … is laughable! It is like that game where there are 30 people in a circle and the one person whispers into the ear of the person beside them something and tells them to pass it on and it goes around the circle and by the time it gets to the person that started it … it is completely different…

    There is no protest here on my part except for the sake of accuracy… I think you have blown out of proportion on what you think you saw, if you really did so.,.. or from what you have heard from posters running to other boards with bits of exaggerated information..
    I am expounding on what I saw first hand… and I thought AB handled himself quite well… There were a lot of questions… popping out from all over the place… He responded to most of them but not all of them… Questions or statements made by “wanna be” reporters does not constitute a violation by the person addressing questions. His answers are what are important and there were no statements about a potential recruit… thus no violation…
    Your attempt at creating something is suspect … my guess is your are a PUer! 😉 If you are really interested in what was said.. simply IM me at HH

  14. First, don’t talk about things you don’t know. Google Desktop keeps a record of everything you do (if you set it up to do this). Every web page, every email, etc. When you search your desktop, it shows you the webpages you’ve visited and allows you to visit the current incarnation of that site or to view it in cache.

    Here’s how Google describes it:

    “Google Desktop creates cached copies (snapshots) of your email, files and other items each time you view them. These cached copies are stored on your computer’s hard drive. As a result, you can often use Google Desktop to find items you deleted after installing Desktop. Here’s how to find them:”

    For instance, if I type “cheyennemtnman” into my google desktop, one of the things that comes up is one of your old posts on Peegs from September 3 with pictures and other stuff under “Photo Timeline of the Weekend”. I promise you…Google Desktop is fully capable of doing what I said it does.

    So, when I say that I read the transcript after the fact on the link provided on this blog, I am telling the truth. This was PRIOR to you voluntarily removing it because of whatever excuse you choose.


    I have not blown this out of proportion. I think the FACT that AB mentioned “Big Dre” (specifically) is a very very very minor thing. (Last year, Terry H. at the Star asked Ratliff about EJ prior to EJ signing his LOI. He posted the answers, and then a few hours later, removed them at the request of the IU compliance people. This is the same thing.)

    Prior to “Big Dre” signing his LOI, AB cannot talk about him in a public setting. He’s not going to get in trouble for what he already did, but it’s disingenuous for you to pretend that it didn’t happen.

    You have the magic transcript…who exactly typed the phrase “Big Dre” if it wasn’t AB? I am 150% sure that phrase was on there, and my certainty is solidified by the fact that someone else saw it and commented on the same phrase.

    I didn’t go to Purdue. Spent some great years in Bloomington. I’m a season ticket holder. I want nothing but good things for IU basketball.

    Look, I assume AB is your friend. You’re trying to protect him on this. That’s fine. But, don’t pretend like you can change the past. You’re protesting too much about something so minor–it makes it very apparent you’re covering for him. You don’t need to. I can assure you…the IU compliance people already saw it and if they thought it was a problem, self-reported it…just like they did with the AJ comments about EJ last fall. That kind of stuff happens. Just don’t deny they didn’t happen when we know they did.

  15. First Google Desktop does not do so for this Java based chat room ,,, I tested it…
    Secondly He did make a statement about a recruit as you are trying to portray…
    Thirdly you picked up pictures which are in fact cached as you say… even your browser does that but not text embedded in the HTML or Java content within its own shell….
    Nice try! I think you are protesting too much 😉

  16. Correction: He did not make the statement about a recruit as you are trying to portray…. I kept trying to use the bold code and it drops the word surrounding by it….

    To reiterate… I am not protecting anyone except for accuracy on what occurred… particularly from people like you who twist things for whatever motives they have….

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