Who should ‘come on down’ to B-Town?

If you’ve been following the Hoosiers since their elimination to UCLA in the NCAA tournament, you’ve most likely noticed there has been a lot of discussion on scholarship availability for the upcoming season.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, rumors have been circulating for weeks that Joey Shaw and Xavier Keeling are considering a move to another school, therefore freeing up two scholarships.

One scholarship will go to Chipola (Fla.) College’s DeAndre Thomas. The other scholarship will either be used on an incoming player, or saved for next season to give to a recruit for 2008’s class.

My question to you is: what type of player should the Hoosiers pursue? Another big man? A versatile small forward? Eric Gordon’s secret clone?

Here is a quick breakdown of next year’s projected depth chart (assuming Shaw/Keeling leave and that I know what positions the Hoosiers will play next year):

Center: Ben Allen, Eli Holman
Power Forward: D.J. White, DeAndre Thomas, Mike White
Small Forward: Lance Stemler, Brandon McGee, Kyle Taber
Shooting Guard: Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, A.J. Ratliff, Adam Ahlfeld
Point Guard: Armon Bassett, Jordan Crawford

So where do you think the Hoosiers could use the most help? Obviously, a Greg Oden-type center would be the ideal candidate, but let’s be realistic here. The only available players, for the most part, are composed of junior college transfers and previously committed recruits looking to switch schools at the last second.


  1. I think we’ll see more of a 3 guard set next year. I just can’t see Ratliff buried on the bench during his senior year. His shot will be amazing next year after he gets his wrist healed up. It was already darn good this year with a hand and a half.

  2. IU’s fine at guard, even though I’d love to see Shaw stick around. They could use the help at center — someone to play alongside (or in place of) Ben Allen and free up DJ to do his thing.

  3. I say we get another big guy in the 08 class if two scholarships open up, unless there’s some more coaching changes in the coming month and an 07 blue-chipper wants to waiver on his committment.

  4. I agree with Chad. How can AJ be that far down on the depth cart? It’s his senior season, and if that hand heals and allows him to penetrate more, his 3 point shot is already money.

    I think it would also be more of a 3 guard line-up. Is Brandon Mcgee that good already?

  5. I understand your job, but i would pefer YOU (media) not speculate on kids that are still on the team. I know, I know, but it really isn’t fair to them, until they make their decision.

  6. Can we get Mike Conley Jr. to come and play for a season? Also, does his game remind anyone of Tony Parker of the S.A. Spurs. Not a deadly outside shooter, but quick, scores on floaters, good passer, and can take it to the hole.

  7. I’m not sure those two players are transferring, I’m just trying to see what kind of player Hoosier fans think they need.

    As for the depth chart — I didn’t mean to project next year’s line-up, just list the players on the team to refreshen everyone’s memory.

  8. I am not sold on D. Thomas, but if Gillespie were to leave A&M and D. Jordan wanted and could come to IU I would take him. I would prefer to bank at least one if not two for big men in the ’08 class.

  9. if shaw looks at the roster, he’d see that he’s got one more year of sitting the pine. after next year, gordon will be pro, ratliff will be graduated, and ellis will be starting sf. that leaves 30 minutes of pt at the 2-guard for him (assuming he learns how to stay out of foul trouble). if he goes elsewhere, there are two mighty fine 2-guards in the 08 class already committed that are more than capable of stepping in to the limelight (jones and mackey).

    as for big men – how did ellis nearly double outrebound thomas? thomas is not the big man answer we need. he won’t be much of a threat on the blocks. dare i say, a 2-inch taller, 40lb heavier version of mike white. here’s to hoping holman and mcgee can provide help ASAP.

  10. Shaw would not see much increase in minutes next year, but I agree that the year after he would see a lot more playing time. I also agree that we shouldn’t be doing as much speculating as if he and Keeling are leaving. I would like to see both stay.

  11. I would like to see both Shaw and Keeling stay. Jamarcus Ellis may surprise everyone by playing effective minutes as a small forward as well as shooting guard. Joey Shaw may have the same potential as Jamarcus Ellis in the next two years. Both need defensive skills; but, both can finish at the rim with good coaching! Xavier Keeling can play center in some match-ups down the road.

  12. Zappatista, he nailed it the Keeling is gone. That opens up the scholarship for Thomas now. I still say if Joey Shaw leaves, you bank his scholarship and go after a big man for 2008.

  13. First, you got to stop that addition thing to post. After the day I had, coming up with that number just made may nose bleed. I am always saddened when a player transfers out, simply because it can generally be viewed as time in the interstate “rest area” rather than progress on personal goals they’re trying to achieve.
    In Joey’s case, he was the refreshing alternative to an entire team that couldn’t (or perhaps wouldn’t) create any offense off the dribble. Oh we had some penetrators, but that ended as their life insurers dropped their personal injury policies. It was just too dangerous. Joey, at times, showed some promise taking it to the rim. I agree with my colleagues on this point: I don’t care who we recruit as long as after his introduction at AH, the phrase rumbling through the House, the local tap and living rooms across Indiana is “Holy ____,
    look at that guy! Now there’s a real _____’in man, baby!”
    Now, back to diagramming an in-bounds play where somebody frees up off a screen. I’m sorry, I just can’t let go.

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