Facilities update — the fate of Assembly Hall

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The Athletic Department presented three renovation plans for Assembly Hall today, and immediately after the meeting at least one member of the Board of Trustees — the president — said that updating the aging facility did not seem feasible.

Renovating Assembly Hall, which opened in 1970 but was designed almost a decade earlier, would cost at least $42 million. The most comprehensive plan — one that would add a row of club seating in the middle of the existing bowl — recommended by architectural firm HOK Sports would cost between $92 and $115 million.

“Considering those proposals, it seems obvious that renovation is not an option we would choose to pursue,” board president Stephen Ferguson said after the meeting. “If we’re going to spend that much, we might as well go build a new one.”

The board will hear proposals for the demolition and replacement of Assembly Hall at next month’s meeting. While HOK architect Jim Edson was hesitant to estimate the cost of a new building, he envisioned the project costing between $125 and $150 million.

We’ll have more on this story in the coming hours, including artists renderings of the possible renovations as well as updated drawings of the building that will connect the east and west stands of Memorial Stadium. Work on that project, by the way, is slated to begin by mid-June.


  1. It is about time we demolished the building. It is killing our recruiting no matter how many banners are hanging. People we are recruiting today were not even alive the last time we won a title. It was a poorly made building, and we can do much much much better.

  2. I think we should incorporate some type of hanging garden on an upper floor and a lollypop machine xD

  3. It will be interesting to see where they would opt to build the new stadium. Cause obviously you can’t do it on the current AH site since you need to play games somewhere (can’t really build a stadium from April-October). Think they’d do it in the parking lot just south of the Fieldhouse? That way the practice court would be right there. Or is there even enough room in that spot? What will the name be? I’d have no problem with a corporate name if it sounds alright, cause everyone knows the athletic department needs money. An RMK association would cause some fun controversy. Anyway, keep us posted guys……

  4. I agree that where to play the games is a huge issue. If we play them in indy, you risk losing interest of many students for the years that games are played in indy. Those students lose the experience of IU basketball. The long run effects could be risky.

    As to where to place it, I don’t think the facility would fit in the parking lot by the fieldhouse and the new practice facility, but i could be wrong. The current trio-line-up of MS, AH, and the field house were strategically designed which does create a problem.

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