May Classic…live updates from Assembly Hall

So we didn’t think we’d get to see Edgewood star Garrett Butcher tonight. His Indiana Elite Orange team was supposed to play the 8:15 game, but that got moved some Garcia’s team could play.

But now Butcher and Orange and facing the SoCal All-Stars because the D-I Greyhounds, featuring possible IU recruit Darius Miller, apparently didn’t show up.

Got that?


Hey! Angel Garcia is here.

Garcia is the intriguing 6-10 slashing forward whose East Chicago High School team knocked off Eric Gordon and North Central in the Indiana state finals.

This is apparently the only game of the tournament Garcia will play because he’s got the prom tomorrow. He’s probably going to be a class of 2008 recruit, although there’s been some question about that because he’s still learning English.

So I went wandering around the building, which is actually the best thing to do at these things. You see all sorts of people.

Right now is a quiet period in recruiting. So Indiana’s coaches aren’t being too active.
But they’re here. Waiting to be seen. They’re just sort of roaming the building, coincidentally. They can talk to the AAU coaches, and surely will.


Van Treese has entered the game. Looks like he might be struggling with a slight knee injury of some sort, but he’s out there.

Meanwhile, D.J. Byrd has all five of Elite One’s points. It trails 10-5.


D.J. Byrd, a 2009 prospect from Crawfordsville, Ind., has just scored the first bucket more than two minutes into the game, hitting a lay in.

Interestingly, highly-touted big man Stephan Van Treese, a junior to be at Lawrence North, did not start.


Shock of all shocks, a rec tournament is running late.

Yes, game one has been pushed back here, as the Mustangs arrived a little late.


About 20 minutes until tip-off of this May Classic opener between the 16 and under Indiana Elite One and Michigan Mustangs.

Doesn’t look like the Mustangs are here yet.

But who is here?

Current Hoosiers D.J. White, Armon Bassett and the two juco transfer in the class of 2007, DeAndre Thomas and Jamarcus Ellis.

Thomas is, as expected, a big dude. Ellis appears to be a pretty nice ballplayer. OK, he’s just here in street clothes so there’s no way to tell anything at all about him, but I like to create hype whenever possible.


  1. Any Devin Ebanks sightings? Are you guys going to stake out Yogi’s to see if Sampson takes him there? That’s what some of the Peegs people are doing.
    When does Ray McCallum Jr. play?


  2. Trent,

    We actually stayed at Assembly Hall.

    I’m about 95 percent sure that Ebanks was there and met with the coaches. I don’t know whether they ever went over to Yogis.

    McCallum Jr. and teammate DeShaun Thomas will take the court with the Fort Wayne Flames tomorrow for two games, the first at 9 a.m. on the floor of Assembly Hall and the second at 1 p.m. at Bloomington North High School.


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