More questions than answers…

Sometimes I have answers, today I have questions. The basketball world is pretty quiet in May, but luckily the Hoosiers are making an effort to make some noise. Answer all of the questions, answer some, or answer one. Just don’t copy off your neighbor.

1) According to Indiana Elite coach Mark Adams, the Hoosiers could have a scholarship available if Beas Hamga were to choose IU. But with all 13 scholarships taken at this point, where is there space? Haven’t we played this game already? I don’t like to speculate — but since no one will give us any answers — I’m assuming someone isn’t going to be eligible. Possibly a recruit. Joey Shaw isn’t leaving, so we can put that to rest. What do you think the most likely scenario is? Even if Hamga isn’t going to be a Hoosier, I still wonder about that scholarship.

2) If Hamga does become a Wildcat, who becomes your No. 1 target? Philip Jurick has already committed to the Volunteers, so you can throw his name out as well. Do you like the versatility or Angel Garcia? Or how about blue-chipper Devin Ebanks? Maybe you like Tyler Zeller’s size and offensive abilities? Someone else?

3) Besides Eric Gordon, which incoming recruit are you most excited about? Personally, I’m eager to see Brandon McGee and Jordan Crawford — two of the more “unheralded” recruits.

4) Let’s say you have two finals on Friday, back-to-back, but it’s only Tuesday. Imagine the epic amount of procrastination. What would you do with your free time? Build a birdhouse? See how many episodes of Cops you could watch in one day? Drive to Richmond, California to find out what Eli Holman is doing? I wonder if Joey Crawford has this much free time.


  1. Speculation that another scholarship could become available most certainly has to do with Eli Holman’s SAT scores. Should Eli be academically ineligible this year and have to attend a prep school, then that would open up a slot for Hamga. Either way, IU is destined for the Final 4 in San Antoino in 2008…and I’ll be there!

  2. 1) Who knows where another scholarship will come from. And where did all the Eli Holman eligibility concerns originate? (and will you ask Mark Adams where Drew Adams is gonna go now. thanks)

    2) Devin Ebanks has to be the #1 target, since he’s ranked 11 in the class. Then I say Zeller, since we don’t know when Garcia will be done with high school.

    3) I’m gonna go with Eli on this one. The big man DeAndre is close behind though.

    4) Tough one. My recommendation would be to rent Season 1 of 24 on DVD, or LOST Season 1. After you finish the season by Thursday evening you can cram for your two Friday finals. And make sure to go to Hinkle’s one day for lunch.

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