New basketball practice facility

Here’s a diagram of the new basketball practice facility, as requested in the comment section of the Jerry Green post.

A few notes:

— The exact location of the building has yet to be determined. It will be, as pictured here, located to the south of Assembly Hall. But the exact location won’t be determined until a geological survey is completed.

— I should be able to get my hands on more detailed diagrams with a little work. This particular image was released more than six months ago. But since I’m at home now, and it’s almost midnight, I think I’ll save the extra digging it’s going to take until tomorrow.

Basketball Development Center


  1. Thanks! I can’t wait to see the detailed drwings of the new facility. Should be a great asset to the program.

  2. The varsity club has produced a fundraising brochure for all the athletic facility improvements, and it includes a very nice, more detailed rendering of the practice facility, how the space is allocated, etc.

  3. Chris:

    Thanks for posting the image. I’ve actually already got a copy of it but it’s nice to see it again, especially on the Web. As for the aforementioned fundraising brochure, it seems only logical to me that a scale model of the new practice facility should have been put together some time ago and already be on display in Assembly Hall, if only for P.R. reasons. Not to mention a separate website in the future dedicated to the new improved facilities–in other words, the same kind of marketing most athletic departments do.

  4. Hey Chris, any progress finding the more detailed pictires of the practice facility? Just curious. Hope you and everyone had a good Memoriaql Day.

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