Oh yeah….Gilmore signs, too

Former Indiana wide receiver Jahkeen Gilmore has also landed with an NFL team. He signed a free agent contract with the Carolina Panthers, who in turn released the suddenly rendered useless Keyshawn Johnson.

OK, OK. I kid. Gilmore won’t replace Johnson. He’s likely to be a taxi squad guy, but, hey, it’s a hell of a way to make a living. Maybe he’ll improve enough to see some time with the big club. He’s got the athleticism, it seems, although his 40 times were low low low low low for a WR (4.5 range, reportedly.)

Gilmore is a personable kid, a guy you like to like. The Brooklyn native brought a sort of Brooklyn feel to the football field — that is, sort of groovy and clairvoyant compared to those uptight Manhattan cats — and you couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Sorry for the late post, by the way. Got home and saw the grill looking at me like it needed to be utilized. And of course you need a few beers while you’re burning up the brats and pork tenderloin (had a little bit of a dinner party.) So, Jahkeen had to wait. He was probably somewhere celebrating on his own. So I raised my  beer to him, and rolled over the tenderloin. It was great.