Sampson finally finishes his web site . . .

With none of that annoying “coaching” to do, and since he’s not really allowed to recruit off campus right now, Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson has dedicated the past few weeks to exploring the wonders of the world wide web.

He brings to you his very own site, predictably enough called

There’s very little new information on there, but it’s a nice little place to check out if you’re a Hoosiers fan.

And, just to avoid confusion, the first paragraph of this blog was a joke. Sampson didn’t design this himself. It’s run through a network that specializes in creating pages for coaches. Penn State coach Joe Paterno, 80, has one (not from the same company). I always thought the thing to do was make that page appear as though you were looking at it through JoPa’s thick glasses. Also, a recording of him berating a player in that crazy nasally Brooklyn voice of his should start when the page opens. Sweet!