A night of wondering

I’m on vacation in Tennessee right now, enjoying a quiet night with my friends.

But mostly I’m thinking about what might happen later today when IU holds a press conference, presumably to make a major announcement about the future of head football coach Terry Hoeppner.

We’ve expected something of the sort for a while now, but still this has come as a surprise and I’m not sure what to think. For so long the football program has been clouded with uncertainty. All that could end within 12 hours.

This story is just so full of emotion. Obviously I’m closer to this one than many others, but I can’t think of anything like it. An Indiana native works so hard for so long to become a head coach, putting in decades as an assistant, before taking over at Miami (Ohio). While there he develops a star at quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger and takes the team to two bowl games.

Then, the job at Indiana University opens and he jumps at it, bringing zest to a dormant program. Fans embrace him and he begins the slow process of building a program his way.

Then, just weeks after his first season, a tumor is discovered inside his right temple. The next 16 months are filled with mystery as Hoeppner went about the personal business of getting healthy. Simultaneously he finds a way to make his program grow.

But there always seemed to be lurking nearby the possibility for a tragic turn, and his decision to miss spring practice only reinforced that.

But will today be the day that the the worst scenario becomes the scenario Indiana football must now rise above?

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