Dakich being considered for position with IU

Dan Dakich, who played for Bob Knight during the mid 1980s and was most recently the head basketball coach at Bowling Green, is under consideration to join Kelvin Sampson’s staff as director of basketball operations, The Herald-Times has confirmed.

Dakich served as an assistant under Knight, eventually becoming his top aide. He coached 10  years at Bowling Green until he decided not to seek a contract renewal.

He would replace Jerry Green, who retired and moved back to South Carolina. The director of basketball operations is mostly responsible for scheduling and other administrative duties.

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  1. Don’t hire another Bob Knight, please! Look what he learned from “the General”…foul mouth, officials cheated him, left game before it was over.

    Associated Press
    Updated: March 13, 2007, 5:01 PM ET
    BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Bowling Green coach Dan Dakich resigned Tuesday after 10 seasons without reaching the NCAA Tournament and a tumultuous year in which he was reprimanded for criticizing officials.
    Dakich, who nearly left Bowling Green five years ago to coach West Virginia, sent a letter to athletic director Greg Christopher, saying he would not seek an extension of his contract, which expires in June.
    “Being involved with BGSU basketball has been a wonderful part of my life,” Dakich wrote.
    The Falcons finished this season with a 13-18 record.
    Following a late-season overtime loss at Buffalo, Dakich made profanity-laced comments and said his team was cheated when officials called a technical foul for delay of game after he and his players left the court before the game was over.
    Mid-American Conference Commissioner Rick Chryst called Dakich’s comments unprofessional.
    During his first five years, the Falcons made two NIT appearances and won the MAC regular-season title in 2002. The team’s 24 victories that season were the school’s most in more than a half century. Since then, Bowling Green has had losing seasons in four of the last five years.
    Dakich in 2002 accepted the coaching job at West Virginia but abruptly walked away after a week. He didn’t say why he changed his mind.
    Dakich played and coached under Bob Knight at Indiana for 16 seasons before coming to Bowling Green.
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  2. I really hope this pans out. Despite the first reply here.

    Dakich is a good man.

  3. Good man? Good men don’t throw profanity laced tantrums and remove their teams from the court because they don’t get their way. Who taught you what was “good” , Mark? Satan?

  4. Of course I’m going over the top. That’s what blog comments are for. I kinda liked the Satan comment…made me giggle inside.

  5. If you even watched that game in Buffalo, the Falcons got screwed. The game was over and Dakich and the team went to the locker room. Players were already in the shower when the refs decided to call the team back and put 3 tenths of a second back on the clock. When the Falcons didnt get out there in the time the refs wanted them to (players were rushing out of the shower putting their jersey’s back on) they called a tech. Which was ridiculous. The tech free throws by Buffalo tied the game and forced OT where Bowling Green just fell apart and lost by something like 12 points.

  6. I know Dan personally, he was my neighbor when I was growing up, coached one of my basketball teams, and was my coach at IU basketball camps. He is a great guy, never yelled at us, or cursed at us.

  7. Yeah, how OLD were you, 10? Maybe he never yelled or swore because you did every Bleeping thing right 🙂

    I was not a Dakich fan and I sat behind him for 10 years. He was a horrible coach, but as a person, except for the profaniies, he was an O.K. guy. The General trained him well.

    HoopsFan at BG

  8. When I was around him as a coach was up till I was 13, then as a friend past that and into my adult life. He is a smart coach, a really good person, and his ties to Indiana will be a plus for IU basketball.
    With his ties to Coach Knight, I am surprised by this move though.

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