Hep Watch

Now that Indiana athletic director Rick Greenspan has publicly shared his concern over Terry Hoeppner’s absence from the Indiana football program — first reported in The Herald-Times last Friday — it seems prudent to begin waiting for word from either Indiana or Hoeppner on the situation.

Here’s what Greenspan said Monday.
It’s not difficult to read into Greenspan’s comments, nor is it difficult to empathize with him during these rotten times. He’s got a duty to do as the athletic director but, like all good bosses, he values Hoeppner’s friendship and respects him as a person and family man.


  1. Lot’s of good things happening with IU football! Still praying for Hep’s health and return to the team. Please keep up with this story for us.

  2. I heard a horrible rumor about Hep’s condition back in April that I hoped and prayed wasn’t true. This seems to slightly confirm my fears. Chris, I wonder if anyone at the HT has heard similar rumors. For now, I’m still hoping for the best.

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