Hoeppner announcement expected Friday

Various sources indicate tonight that they expect an IU announcement Friday regarding the status of Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner.

The timing of the announcement isn’t clear, they report, and they don’t know what will be announced, but what they’ve been told is that athletic director Rick Greenspan and president Adam Herbert will hold a press conference, probably Friday afternoon, regarding Hoeppner.

As has been the case throughout Hoeppner’s health problems, IU officials are being extremely tight-lipped about the current situation. IU media relations officials said early this evening that they didn’t have any information about an announcement. Greenspan has not returned a call to his home.

One thing that does appear clear is that if Hoeppner is unable to resume his coaching duties following a leave that is currently three-months long, IU will appoint interim head coach Bill Lynch to continue to lead the Hoosier program for the upcoming season.

A father of a Hoosier player said his son told him a team meeting has been scheduled for Friday, but the players haven’t been told what will be discussed at the meeting.