First, I offer you visual proof.

The Rock gets moved

(Thanks to Chris Howell for his usual fine photography work.)

There. Do you see it? It’s been placed upon that truck bed to be whisked off to who knows where. We’ve put in a call to try to find out The Rock’s planned home for the next few weeks, but our guess is it will be stored in an undisclosed location, ala Dick Cheney.

Now, onto the pressing questions of the day.

Was there no one nearby to Defend the Rock?

Would this happen to other geological wonders, such as Stonehenge or Mount Rushmore?

Can we possibly rent out The Rock? Think about the money the athletic department could raise! “Have The Rock in your front yard! Only $1,000 for an entire week!”

And, finally, can I please be the guy who gets to operate the crane the next time The Rock is moved?


  1. No, this would not happen to Stonehenge. The folks who built that megalith were extra vigilant following the destruction of their earlier works, Strawhenge and Woodhenge.

  2. Are we sending The Rock to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse? There were rumors at one point that that was Cheney’s undisclosed location.

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