The week ahead

Last week was a long one for so many people. The week was so full of emotion following Terry Hoeppner’s death. The whole IU community is simply feeling drained now.

Here at the H-T we’re taking today to go through the proverbial catching of breath and clearing of mind. Our intern Brian is working on a story about new IU football recruits Cortez Smith and Justin Pagan.

We’re also trying to follow-up on the Big Ten Network v. Comcast scuffle that occurred last week while we were covering Hep. In case you missed it, Comcast said it has no interest in carrying the Big Ten Network at the exorbitant cost the conference is demanding, and the Big Ten is pretty ticked about the whole thing. Neither side is going to back down any time soon, and we have in the making a splendid little corporate tiff. What this means for you? If you’re a Comcast customer — and, if you have Insight in Boomington, you soon will be — you might miss Indiana football and basketball games next year. But this story has wider ramifications, too, because Indiana was counting on revenue generated by the network to finance its new building projects. This reluctance by Comcast — and other major cable companies — seems to indicate that the network won’t actually generate that money. Stay tuned, as they say in the business.

That’s what we’ve got working for now. Doug and I will do an online chat Thursday at 11 a.m. if you’ve got any questions. And if there are other stories you’d like to read this week, just let us know in the comments section below.


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