Batten down the hatches….barnstorming begins soon

The annual IU barnstorming tour — which provides a chance for fans to meet the new class of IU recruits and vice versa — begins Thursday with a game at 7 p.m. in the New Albany High School Gym. I just spoke with Bloomington basketball godfather Criss Beyers and he’s excited to get on the road with Indiana’s six incoming freshman: guards Eric Gordan, Jamarcus Ellis and Jordan Crawford, small forward Brandon McGee and post players Eli Holman and DeAndre Thomas.

There’s a good chance that Bud Mackey, a member of Indiana’s class of 2008 from Georgetown, Kentucky, will play with the six players who comprise Indiana’s class of 2007 in New Albany. Tyler Zeller, the center from Washingto, Ind. who is a highly sought after member of the class of 2008, could play with Indiana’s recruits at the North Daviess game.

The opposing team is organized by someone in each town the tour visits, and details on those squads are sketchy right now.

So let’s review what we’ve got right now:

August 2: New Albany High School, 7 p.m.

August 3: Batesville High School, 7 p.m.

August 7: North Daviess High School, 7:30 Eastern (6:30 Central)

August 9: Muncie (one of the middle schools, due to construction at the Field House), 7 p.m.

A game originally schedule for August 4 in Fort Wayne has apparently been placed on hold. I’m trying to get more info on that.

Finally, Beyers has been unable to finalize a plan to pllay at North Central in Indy on August 8. He was hoping to play a game at Gordon’s alma mater but if it doesn’t work out he’ll try to schedule a game for another Indianapolis venue or somewhere in Bloomington.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Haiku? Anything?


  1. Drat. It would’ve been nice if the recruits could’ve made it to South Bend, Elkhart, or elsewhere in northern Indiana. That’d probably be my only opportunity to see Gordon in action, considering my proximity to Bloomington.

  2. Can’t wait to see the recruits in New Albany. I hope Mackey (Bud, not the arena LOL) is there as well. GO IU

  3. Thank you for the information. If you hear of a Fort Wayne date and location, please let us know. Thanks again.

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