Allen confirmed, now chasing the Ratliff rumor

As most as you have seen, Indiana sent out a statement earlier this afternoon confirming that Ben Allen will transfer.

Still no official word on where he’s headed, but Saint Marys — the school that Pete DiPrimio originally threw out there — makes sense because he’d join two of his teammates from the Australian National Team. I’ve tried to reach Ben but haven’t had any luck yet.

As a few posters pointed out below, the A.J.-Ratliff-is-ineligible rumor has blown up. It’s been floating around all summer but is starting to gain traction as the school year nears. No official comment from Indiana so far, and Ratliff is still listed on the roster and expected to be around and taking part in team activities this week.


  1. I hope this basketball season doesn’t turn into a giant soap opera, just when we thought this program was turned around and headed in the right direction.

  2. Ben never used those elbows, and AJ never went to class! Karl Malone gonna give these young guns a whoopin if they don’t be gettin their act straightin!

    Karl Malone

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