Fall football camp, Day 6

Hitting, finally.

Ok, so it wasn’t full go. But the Hoosiers had the pads on Saturday morning and it got lively toward the end of the day’s first session.

Head coach Bill Lynch called the team together and declared an impromptu game of 3rd down, in which the offense receives a point for converting and the defense earns a point for a stop. Lynch was the judge and was setting up the scenarios.

Wide receiver James Bailey, who has had a strong camp, made the play that pulled both sides into the competition after a sluggish hour and a half of drills. Ranging over the middle and with Tracy Porter baring down, Bailey reached out with one hand to snare a Kellen Lewis past. This wouldn’t have been an easy catch even if Bailey were running a half-speed drill with no defense. What made it a spectacular catch, though, was that Porter arrived about the same time as the ball and still Bailey pulled it in. You should have seen the way that assistant coaches Billy Lynch, Matt Canada and Gerald Brown charged down the field to congratulate Bailey with hard shoves and slaps to the helmet. It’s good to have football back. (Although it is never good for your personal safety to have a charged-up Billy Lynch heading your way. Dude’s crazy.)

Lewis, by the way, continues to grow into the role of starting quarterback. Though he assumed the job midway through last year he never felt much pressure. This year, he’s got to be the man. And it is weighing on him at times. He appears to be more locked in on receivers and has been, on occasion, hesitant to break from the pocket and run. When he does, though, he is artful and tough. And he’s showing good touch on his passes; his judgment, a vastly underrated aspect of his game last year, will take time to ripen again.

Doug is writing a story for Sunday’s paper about the young linebackers. Tyler Replogle, a freshman from Centerville, Ohio, is already up with the second team and may be poised to earn playing time. He’s a smart player.

Obligatory injury update: Nick Polk was in uniform but once again kept out of drills. Lynch said after practice that they’re being extra cautious with Polk, a sophomore who moved to safety during spring practice and has an injured hamstring. If it were game week, Polk would play. The fact that the coaches are letting him rest now is a good indication of how highly they think of his athletic ability and how confident they are that he’s got the instincts and intelligence to play that position. J.T. Owens, another safety, is out with a foot injury, and second-team offensive lineman Kenny Love appeared wearing some sort of boot-type thing on his injured right foot. He’s got a high ankle sprain.

That should be enough to satiate the IU football crowd on this blistering Saturday. We’ll be back Monday with more. Enjoy Lake Monroe, or where ever you’re off to this weekend.


  1. Can you give us an update on Adam McClurg and Sean Edmundson? After their run in with the law I wanted to know their standing with the team. McClurg had a great yr last yr at mlb, and I’m hoping he improves on that this yr.

  2. Kyle,

    Bill Lynch has said that any discipline meted out to McClurg and Edmundson will be done so internally. So far it doesn’t appear that their standing on the depth chart has changed due to the charges they face after failing to pay a taxi driver earlier this summer.



  3. Thanks for the football news; I enjoy catching up everyday. Sounds like things are improving nicely. What is the schedule for next saturday at the Rock?

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  5. I have enjoyed the daily updates (what happend to day 5?), and new articles on the players and how they are developing.

    “He appears to be more locked in on receivers and has been, on occasion, hesitant to break from the pocket and run.”

    I don’t feel this is an issue, as you made it sound. One of my biggest complaints about Lewis last year, and in the spring practices, was his unwillingness to spend that extra second, second and a half in the pocket to let his recievers try to break free from coverage. Lewis is an exceptional runner, but him taking off out of the backfield if his number one and two options are covered is not what this team needs. They need him to stay in the pocket, roll out, look at his third and even 4th reciever (if he has time) and use the check down guy before taking off and putting himself out for the possibility of injury.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Mulder,

    William Keglar didn’t make the team. From what I hear, the IU staff determined that Keglar wasn’t physically prepared to play football. I don’t know the specifics, but I know he isn’t at fall camp.

  7. Doug,

    Why is the Blog on Central time, and not on Eastern time like the rest of Bloomington?

  8. Once again, just looking for an update on Matt Ernest.
    Is there ANY chance Matt could play this year?

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