Hardy and Sexton talk about their return to Hoosiers

Here are a few quotes from today’s IU football media photo day regarding the expected return of James Hardy, Greg Brown and Nick Sexton.

James Hardy on breaking his finger:

How did it happen and when will he be back? “I did everything like I usually would do, but the ball hit it wrong and it broke it. I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be out, but I won’t miss any games or anything. Everything is still going to happen.”

How does he feel about this setback? “It’s just another test. Everything is a test. It’s just something I’m going to get through and I’m going to play through the pain.”

Could he play if the first game was today? “No, not today, but that’s the beauty of it. I have a couple of weeks to get healed. I’ll be ready. Y’all don’t have anything to worry about.”

Did he initially fear a broken finger could put him out for longer? “I was just hoping it wasn’t broke. I’m sitting in there in the X-rays and they’re just looking at it. Please tell me it ain’t broke. He told me it was broke, but it’s just something I have to get through.”

Defensive line coach Brian George on the return of Brown, who suffered a shoulder injury Monday: “It won’t be longer than a week, I don’t think. We’re now about three weeks (from the first game). He’s been here a couple of seasons and played a lot of football. We’re not going to push it and bring him back too soon.”

George on who will get Brown’s reps in practice with the first string while he’s out: “Emile Bass and Keith Burrus.”

Nick Sexton on his return to the team: “I’ll probably be back either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. It’s nothing major, I just had some bad migraines.”

Bonus quote, Tracy Porter on dislocating a finger Monday: “Right now my finger is fine. I didn’t know it was dislocated until I took the glove off and I didn’t see a knuckle. Once he popped it back into place it was just like a jammed finger.”