Hardy, Bailey and Brown ready for ISU game Saturday

Greg Brown looks on during media day in August.Three of Indiana’s top football players — James Hardy, James Bailey and Greg Brown — have returned to practice after injuries that had recently sidelined all three.

IU coach Bill Lynch said Tuesday during the first of his weekly press conference during the season that if the Hoosiers can avoid injuries this week, they will enter the season with a healthy team, despite a number of relatively minor injuries the past couple of weeks.

Josiah Sears and Tracy Porter, who were named the team’s captains this week, also appeared at the press conference in the Hoosier Room at Memorial Stadium. Sears said he had no idea what it will be like to play IU’s season opener Saturday right after a pre-game ceremony at the stadium in which a video tribute to Terry Hoeppner’s life will be played on the stadium scoreboards.

“I don’t know what that’s going to be like,” Sears said. “I may be able to watch it. I may not.”

Other notes from the press conference: Two true freshmen are likely to play in the first game or two, linebacker Tyler Replogle and safety Mitchell Evans, Lynch said. The Hoosier coach said some of the things he’s most anxious to see in the first game are the progress of IU’s offensive line, the success of the defense in limiting big plays and the play of punter Mike Hines in his first game.


  1. What progress is he going to see from anyone against one of the worst I-AA teams there is? If it isn’t 56-0 at half, the guys are not getting done.

  2. Mike P:

    You are usually the most optimistic poster on this blog…what is with the negativity lately? I expect your posts to bleed Cream and Crimson. No offense, just looking for the usual joyful Mike P I’ve come to know.

  3. We should easily handle ISU, but let’s not get carried away on a half-time score of 56-0. Remember that they were ahead of Purdue last year for the opener of both teams.

  4. I guess pressure getting to me. I just don’t think ISU will be a measuring stick of what this team will and can do. I have no doubts we can hang 4 scores a quarter on ISU, if they kick off to us, it is going for 6, first time they punt, it is going for 6.

    I am ready for football. I am ready to see them play like I know they can. I officially predict a 9-4 season, with a bowl win, and “The Bucket” back in Bloomington!

  5. I am in full blown football mode. My youth team has had 12 practices, a scrimmage, the jamboree, and our first game tomorrow night. I have already been to watch 2 South varsity games, a JV game, and freshman game, I have also been to Indy to watch Warren Central play. All that, plus planning my son’s b-day party for Sunday, and working my real job.

  6. One thing Karl Malone like about football is they be throwin them elbows around!

    Karl Malone

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