Hardy, Brown and Sexton go down

Wide receiver James Hardy and defensive tackle Greg Brown, two of the top players on Indiana’s football team, were injured in a Monday morning practice. Senior tight end Nick Sexton also missed both practices Monday because of an injury.

Hardy broke the ring finger on his left hand while attempt to catch a pass. He is expected to be out for two weeks, according to IU officials.

Hardy didn’t participate in practice Monday afternoon, but was on the sidelines watching. About half of his injured finger was taped, running from the tip of the finger to the middle of it.

Brown suffered an injured left shoulder during the morning practice. He was on the sidelines at the afternoon practice with his left arm in a sling. An IU official said he didn’t have any timetable for Brown’s projected return.

Sexton, who entered fall camp as IU’s starting tight end, is also injured, but the IU official would not disclose Sexton’s injury. Sexton was on the sidelines during the morning practice, but wasn’t there Monday afternoon.

More information about all three injured players should be available after tomorrow’s 10 a.m. media photo day during which we’ll be able to talk with players and coaches.


  1. Does Hardy missing two weeks mean he will not be available for the season opener against ISU?

  2. Mike, I don’t know what it means at this point, but I’ll try to find out today when I’ll be talking with James and Billy Lynch, the WRs coach.

  3. Looking forward to the updates. Hopefully you will find something out about Sexton, and that it is nothing serious.

    Also, can you elaborate more on the shoulder injury to Brown? Was it a stinger, a partial subluxation, or a dislocation?

    Also, the article says Hardy broke his finger going for a pass, how? Did he land wrong, get his finger caught in a face mask? Or did the ball break it?


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