Indiana scrimmage, live updates . . .

In case you’d hadn’t seen this elsewhere:

Indiana’s offering season tickets for $200 a year starting today. You can also get a ticket for the home opener against Indiana State for $20.

Ticket sales, quite clearly, are down.

The crowd here today numbered about 350. That’s not a totally fair gage of fan interest but it seems to indicate that even after all that happened with Terry Hoeppner this team will need to play well if it hopes to capture the more casual fan.


Kellen Lewis scampers into the end zone on a bootleg from five yards out to give us the first offensive touchdown of the day. A tough run by Demetrius McCray set up the score.


Ahhhh, redemption. Starr got another shot at that 49-yarder, and hit it. That prompted the loudest cheer of the day.


OK. We just had some sort of half-time type period during which nothing happened. Play is starting back up now.


So far the Hoosiers have opted for running back by committee, but that might be reflective of the fact that the No. 3 and No. 4 guys aren’t playing because of injury.

Marcus Thigpen and Demetrius McCray are both seeing time with the first and second teams.


Austin Starr just missed a 49 yarder from the right hash. Pushed it wide, but appeared to have the distance.


Polk is catching on quickly. He just covered Andrew Means on a deep seam route and made the play on a well-thrown Lewis bomb.

Demetrius McCray gets into the action, taking a screen about 40 yards.


Ray Fisher showing that open-field speed and breaking a punt return for a score.


Thigpen just showed good patience and a little creativity in the backfield to gain about 12 yards. He was able to avoid a tackle and then find a hole as it developed.

That, I think, is about all you can hope for with him. He’s not going to break tackles or barrel through holes, but he’ll hit gaps when they’re there and pick up honest yards that way.


Chappell move the team efficiently with a couple of runs and two completions but now faces a 3rd and 11 from the defense’s 37. Let’s see what happens.

Chappell stood in as the pocket began to collapse and threw a good pass into single coverage, drawing a pass interference from Bruce Hampton. Then, inexplicably, the team ran to the other side of the field to kick a field goal. Trulock hit a 33-yarder.

Maybe they’re playing Canadian rules football or something.


Kellen Lewis, stepping up and breaking out.

The redshirt sophomore just burst up through the defense before being ruled down. He’s wearing black and can’t be tackled, so the officials are blowing the whistle when he gets near a defender.

Austin Starr then kicked a 38-yard field goal.

Second team offense is now on the field, being led by Bloomington South grad Ben Chappell.


Nick Polk, learning as he goes.

On one play, the converted safety burst into the backfield and leveled Marcus Thigpen, who fumbled. The offense recovered but lost eight yards.

But on a couple of recent passes he’s struggled in coverage, coming close to interfering on balls that weren’t even catchable.


No surprises early. Kick returner Marcus Thigpen almost broke one of the opening kickoffs (they did a couple) for a score.

Then, on the first hand off he took, running back Marcus Thigpen went nowhere.

Terrance Turner just made a good catch on a rocket pass along the sideline, and then danced around for a few yards after the catch.


We’re live here at The Rock.

So far the Hoosiers have just run through some stretching and light drills. The action is about to begin. Tons of injuries to report.

Here’s a list of who isn’t playing:

WR James Hardy — Finger

RB Josiah Sears — Hamstring

DL Greg Brown — Shoulder

S Austin Thomas — Shoulder

S Joe Kleinsmith — Shoulder

S Rayshun Calhoun — Ankle

S J.T. Owens — Foot

OL Milton Owens — Ankle

RB Bryan Payton — Undisclosed injury

WR James Bailey — Attending a wedding


  1. Hi Becky, I don’t think your grandson caught any passes yesterday afternoon unless I missed one, but I talked with Billy Lynch after the scrimmage and he mentioned that he’s been very impressed with Matt. He said that with the depth at wide receiver he’s hoping he can give Matt a redshirt year to get stronger in the weight room, but he’d also be very comfortable putting him on the field in a game right now because of how well he’s played in fall camp.

  2. What makes you say that ticket sales are down? Is it just because of this new deal and the lack of presence at the scrimmage or is it something else you’ve heard? If its just this new deal, I would say that ticket sales may not be where they had hoped but not necessarily down (ie they were shooting for an 8,000 ticket increase and only got to 4 or 5,000). I could be completely off on that, but I just wanted to check to see if there is more to what you were saying.

  3. Phil,

    We’re having trouble getting information on tickets in general. I wrote a story this week on ticket changes at Assembly Hall and when I called the ticket office to discuss it with them was shuffled to media relations.

    I probably shouldn’t have used the word “down” but was in a rush trying to blog and take notes at the same time. Your suggested premise — that Indiana simply isn’t meeting goals for ticket sales, not that actual sales are down — may very well be what’s happening.

    But what we’re hearing from some sources who can’t go on the record is that ticket sales are fairly stagnant and this is an attempt to boost them and avoid an embarrassing scene on Sept. 1.


  4. Thanks for the info. Though a little disappointing to hear that sales are stagnant, it certainly is better than hearing that they are down. I figure that it comes with this time of year that tickets will become stagnant anyway, since almost all who a really interested will have purchased theirs by now. Anyway, I hope the strategy works, and hopefully they do a bit more advertising for it than just the postings on

  5. I would hope they are not down. What about us season ticket holders who renewed back in April? My renewal was $199.00, so my reward for being a loyal fan is saving $1.00? I even had to move my parking due to the construction. Tell me how it makes since that my seats are on the West side (section 3), my parking pass brings me in by the IU pool on the other side of Assembly Hall.

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