Indiana vs. Bahamas Select, live updates

3:00, third quarter: Indiana 71, Bahamas 26

Sampson’s fairly animated considering he said previously that he sees no value in these games.  He just swung his white towel in triumph as Crawford finished another fast break by getting fouled and still finding a way to get the ball to fall through the hoop.


4:30, third quarter: Indiana 60, Bahamas 26

D.J. White has scored a few baskets in a row, including one that finished a well-oiled fast break. You can tell these played together a lot this summer.

Anyway, after one of White’s buckets, two Bahamian players just started chuckling and shaking their heads. They’ve got no one with the size to slow White.


7:30, third quarter: Indiana 54, Bahamas 20

That’s why that brought him here. Eric Gordon just got into the lane, was fouled about four times, and still hit the basket.


End of first half: Indiana 48, Bahamas 20

Sampson said he believed his team could make strides defensively, and it appears as though they have.

They’ve got the attitude he wants on defense, and that means pretty much everything.

The Hoosiers cheer loudest for the Hoosiers not after ferocious dunks or nifty passes or spins through the lane – all of which there was plenty of in that first half.

They cheer more when somebody takes a charge. So far DeAndre Thomas and Armon Bassett have been able to put themselves in position to draw calls.

5:15, second quarter: Indiana 40, Bahamas 19

Gordon gets his crowd into by getting on the end of a lob pass which looked to all the world to be out of reach. But then came Gordon, soaring in from the baseline, getting just enough on the ball to send it gently through the net.


6:15, second quarter: Indiana 34, Bahamas 14

DeAndre Thomas showing off his post passing skills. He’s able to receive the ball up high, turn and find an open man quickly and then get the ball where it needs to be.

Too often last year the post tended to be black hole. The ball would go in and not come out, or stay far too long. Thomas has learned how to swing the ball quickly.


8:15, second quarter: Indiana 28, Bahamas 12

Bassett just knocked down a 3-pointer after White showed some versatility. He got the ball at the top of the lane and threatened to drive, backing the defensive into the box. Then he kicked to Bassett for a wide open shot from the corner


End of first quarter: Indiana 21, Bahamas 10

Sampson said he might sit back and not coach much this game.

Those that know him well knew that was unlikely. He’s been fired up and into this game and despite trying to remain seated on the bench just shot up into his usual stance between the scorers table and the bench.

He was angry at D.J. White for something, yelling his name a few times.

Then Sampson was happy, as White ended the first quarter with a put-back dunk.


1:30 left, first quarter: Indiana 17, Bahamas 10

Sampson has stuck to his word and substituted liberally. Everybody’s been in and out, although Ellis seems to be getting some extra time. Kyle Taber’s already been worked into the mix, and it’s tough to get a good feel for different combinations because of all the changes.

5:00, first quarter: Indiana 10, Bahamas 8

Eric Gordon just scored his first basket. That got big cheers from his own personal section. Gordon’s mother is of Bahamian descent and Gordon has tons of family at this game.

Not that we haven’t said this before, but Ellis is such a Sampson player. He just made a terrible turnover while trying to force a pass. So what’d he do? Catch the kid from behind and block his shot.


6:30 left, first quarter: Bahamas 8, Indiana 6

Jordan Crawford’s the first player off the bench, coming in for Armon Bassett. That’s going to be a battle in October. A fun one to follow.

DeAndre Thomas just came in for Stemler. Let’s see how he fits with D.J. White up front.


8:13 left, first quarter: Indiana 6, Bahamas 2

D.J. White does have some extra bounce in him.

Lance Stemler just made a good defensive play to poke the ball down court. Armon Bassett chased it down and fed a wide open White for a thunderous dunk.

Gordon has miss two 3-pointers.

By the way, only one side fo the court here has a working shot clock. So right now the Hoosiers’ bench has to try to change very loudly when it is running down.


Your starting five, as expected: D.J. White, Lance Stemler, Jamarcus Ellis, Eric Gordon and Armon Bassett.

The first player to take a shot? As expected, Eric Gordon. He missed a 3-pointer.


  1. I have to go out but will check back later. Any chance you could get the box score data and post it here after the game? Thanks.

  2. Chris, I enjoy the updates…is there anyway you could detail the opposing team, just in terms of size and general ability. You may have already done this or were planning on doing it, but I just wanted to gauge what type of competition they are facing.

    Also, will there be any video highlights of any of these games?


  3. I appreciate thatyou went to the game but did you go out to party
    mid-way through the 3rd quarter?
    How did the game end?
    How did the newcomers look?

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