Indiana’s schedule in the Bahamas

All games will be at Kendall Isaacs Stadium on Nassau.

Friday, August 31

  • Indiana vs. Bahamas Select, 8:30

Saturday, Sept. 1

  • Indiana vs. Guatemala, noon
  • Indiana vs. Sunshine Auto Club, 8 p.m.

Sunday, Sept. 2

  • Indiana vs. Commonwealth Bank Clup, 2 p.m   (Game has been moved to 12 so that Indiana can leave the island a bit earlier. Some of the players have 8 a.m. classes on Monday.)


  1. Recently I have been hearing that Ben Allen is transfering to a school on the west coast, and AJ Ratliff is academically ineligable for the first semester. The team is pretty thin now, but still has talent. -You heard it here first.

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  2. Bloom – The Ben Allen and Ratliff news was out last Friday and Saturday, so you are 5-6 days behind!!! I think I won’t let your “knowledge” infect me.

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