Insight-BTN deal doesn’t affect Bloomington area

The new agreement between the Big Ten Network and Insight won’t help customers in most of Indiana.

We just received an Insight press release that says the cable company has reached an agreement with the Big Ten Network to carry the channel on its Classic service in Columbus, Ohio and Evansville, Ind. and on its Insight Digital 2.0 service in all of its Kentucky systems, including Louisville, Northern Kentucky, Lexington and Bowling Green. The Big Ten Network will be available to roughly 640,000 Insight customers.

But more than half of Insight’s approximately 1.4 million customers will not receive the Big Ten Network through the new agreement. That means all Indiana Insight customers except those in Evansville will not receive the BTN at this point. In areas like Bloomington, where Insight customers will be switched to Comcast early next year, it appears that Insight is still following Comcast’s lead in not agreeing to the Big Ten Network’s terms for an agreement.


  1. Well, that’s fantastic. Granted, I only use the TV for the video, relying on Don’s calls to avoid stupidity, but I LIKE the video! Dang it! And I hate cable companies.

  2. Thats pretty bad that you can not even watch your home team play ball on your local cable network. Maybe it is time to switch another company or satellite.

  3. Comcast is really worried that some of their customers might pay a little for something they don’t really want on their basic service? That’s what their commercial said this morning on ESPN programming. Then why in the world do I have the Food Network, HSN, and Lifetime on my basic service?!?! What a joke. We should all tell Comcast to take a hike. What’s the $ deal on the BTN on satelite?

  4. Karl Malone like CMT; Country Music Television. Karl Malone like those cow-girls.

    Karl Malone

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