IU football ticket sales up slightly

I got a report from Tim Fitzpatrick of the athletic department today on ticket sales. He said season ticket sales are up about two percent from the same time last year when IU ultimately sold 19,463 season tickets.

Here are some other notes from my conversation with Tim:

* He’s expecting that IU will draw bigger crowd for the opener against Indiana State than it did for last year’s opener against Western Michigan, but accomplishing that will depend on the walk-up crowd on gameday.

* IU will have a short remembrance ceremony for Terry Hoeppner a half hour before the Indiana State game with Hoeppner’s family at midfield. As IU has announced, the first 30,000 fans at that game will a Hep button that’s a replica of the patch players will wear on their jerseys this season (OK, somebody just asked me if they’ll give away the leftover buttons at the second home game. That is not nice.) Jane Hoeppner and Michael McRobbie will be honorary coin-tossers at the Indiana State game.

* The Walk to the Rock will continue this year, but will be 15 minutes earlier, 2:15 before kickoff. That means it will be at 5:45 p.m. for the 8 p.m. Indiana State game. It will be earlier this year because Bill Lynch wants players to get to the stadium a little earlier.

* IU has sold about 300 season tickets so far through its new $199 season tickets promotion. Those tickets are for seats located near the ends of the east and west stands, close to the end zone.


  1. Someone actually asked you if they would sell the left over buttons at the 2nd home game? What is wrong with some people?

  2. I don’t understand why you people up there cannot or will not get behind this team. I have lived in Florida for the past 20 years and Have managed to make it to at least one game 17 times and I live 1100 miles away. You can bet that I will be there on Saturday Sept.1st. To honor coach Hep. I.U. nation, if you exist beyond Basketball, get your butts in the seats and prove it.

  3. Karl Malone don’t like these big buisness men raisin those big prices for some football tickets. Karl Malone think we need to go back to the good ol days when candy bars were a nickel and baseball cards were a dollar.

    Karl Malone

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