IU scrimmage (of sorts), live updates

YES! Bill Lynch is currently running the Power I goal line formation. There were three guys behind Kellen Lewis, culminating with Josiah Sears as the ball carrier. That’s the way you get into the end zone.


Chappell continues to be inconsistent. Right after I told you how bad he was, he got good. And led a long scoring drive, capping it with a touchdown pass to freshman TE Max Dedmond.

Blake Powers seeing time behind center now.


Nothing riveting happening here. The No. 1 offense is having its way with the No. 2 defense, and vice versa.

Not that this is a fair assessment given the circumstances, but Ben Chappell is struggling right now. He’s 0-for-6 during this series and that has Blake Powers, who was moved back to QB from TE, warming up on the sideline.


True freshman Matt Ernest just made a catch with the first team. Ernest has been impressive all camp but figures to redshirt because of the depth at wide out. He’s up with the No. 1s today due to all the injuries.


This just in: Emile Bass is in fact playing, but fellow DL Jammie Kirlew is on the sideline with a hip injury.


Mitchell Evans, the freshman who was moved from quarterback to safety a few days ago, has made two nice tackles on Sears as the No. 1 offense works against the No. 2 defense. Evans is a big kid who reads the run well and can tackle.

The offensive line was able to open some gaping holes against the second-team line, and Demetrius McCray hit a few of them.

It’s now No. 2 offense vs. No. 1 offense.


And we’re getting into here. After a few botched kick offs — I’ll try to stay positive and not relate the details here — the offense has been placed hard against their own goal line. Hulking running back Josiah Sears is back there trying to give Lewis room to work with a few tough runs.


Major injury update. This doesn’t bode well for the old Hoosiers, but I think they’re just being cautious on a lot of these guys:

WR Andrew Means is day-to-day with a hip injury.

WR Ray Fisher is day-to-day with a hamstring injury.

WR James Baily is out with a right elbow injury. He’s wearing a soft cast and we don’t know the extent of his injury right now.

OL Charlie Emerson is out a week with a shoulder injury.

DL Emile Bass is day-to-day with a shoulder injury.

S Brandon Mosely is day-to-day with a right wrist injury.

Combine these with the existing injuries — most notably the broken finger of WR James Hardy — and you can see that the Hoosiers are struggling to find able bodies today.


The motley media crew that covers Indiana football has gathered in the East stands for the Hoosiers’ practice session. Today the team will be running through what is being called a “situational scrimmage.” It marks the end of fall camp, in a sense, because the players will move out the hotel they’ve been staying in later today.

Right now the players are just running through typical pre-game warmup type stuff. Eventually they’ll run through live plays, concentrating on specific downs and distances as opposed to running eight or 10 plays straight.

More to come . . .


  1. Who does the No. 2 QB’s have left to throw to? Half the no. 1 wideouts are injured, so the no. 2 guys are with them. Right?

  2. Mike,

    The remaining wide outs have been spread out between the No. 1 and No. 2 teams for most of the day, but you have a point: Chappell is throwing to younger guys who he hasn’t played with much.


  3. Chris, thanks for the update. Has Powers played at all? If so, how does he look? Did the water balloons keep him acurate?

  4. The power I? Your kidding? Wow! I love the power running game. Is that the only place they have ran a power formation? Are they still trying to use speed to the outside?

  5. Chris, apparently Matt Roth is gonna decide today at 5:30 EST whether to play for IU or Bradley. Hopefully we’ll have a third 08 member to talk about in tomorrow’s chat.

  6. With all the injuries at WR do you think Matt Ernest will start? I’m torn, as a freshman I think it would be good to redshirt him his first year, but also would love to see him play. But to err on the side of caution, guess the way to go would be to redshirt him, I don’t want to see him hurt his first year (or any time).

  7. Becky – From what I have heard, Matt is doing great, but this team is deep at WR, and most the injuries are minor at best. While I am sure he would like to play this year, as all us Hooisers would like to see him play and contribute this year, I would say a redshirt is in his best interest. Of course this is coming from a fan.

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