Latest on Allen . . .

Oh, what a tease of a headline.

There is no new news on the Ben Allen transfer front. Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel has written a bit more but still doesn’t list any sources. Check out his blog right here.

Pete’s an excellent journalist though and wouldn’t go to print with this if there weren’t some truth to it. Seems like there might be a chance that Allen could be talked into staying. Sampson has done that with a few other players, including Joey Shaw several times during the course of last season. Shaw then left at the end of the school year.

J.D. Campbell, the director of media relations at Indiana, hasn’t been able to talk to Kelvin Sampson today and still has no information on Allen’s status.

We’re working on this story.


  1. Peegs just reported he’s gone.

    Have you heard any news about Ratliff red-shirting because of an injury?

  2. Apparently Ratliff will be academically ineligible for the first semester. That is why people are discussing him as a redshirt candidate.

  3. Any truth to Ratliff’s being academically ineligible? If true, with Allen leaving, that would reduce the Hoosier roster to 10 players (not counting walk-ons). That’s a pretty skimpy squad size. If I couned correctly, the Allen defection (and if Gordon and DJ are gone after this season, that opens seven scholarships for next year. Wonder how many new players Kelvin will bring in . . .

  4. Jack,The roster on IU’s web page shows 15 players including a walk on. You take away Allen and Ratliff that leaves 13. how did you get 10?

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