Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays

But we’re not bothered.

Because it’s the Monday before college football begins.

Breathe it in.

Indiana head coach Bill Lynch will address the media Tuesday at 1:30. He’ll share his thoughts on the team and hopefully discuss what he can about Indiana State. The Sycamores were one of the worst teams in Division 1-AA last year. Shouldn’t be much of a contest for the Hoosiers.

Not only is football on its way — although it should be pointed out that most of you will see fewer games from around the conference due to the lack of carriage for the Big Ten Network — IU basketball is preparing for a weekend of games. Kelvin Samspon reiterated Saturday that he doesn’t care about the outcome of the games in the Bahamas and planned this trip for the 10 practices it allows. But even those he tried to minimize, saying that he felt like they’d be used to teach the team but wouldn’t lead to a whole lot of development.

This is the stance that both Sampson and his players have to take. There’s already so much hype around this team. Sampson says he doesn’t feel it, but if hype were something that people could just ignore it wouldn’t be such an issue. Hype, by nature, is overbearing. Otherwise it wouldn’t hurt.

See, Andy Katz sometimes wears red ties with white shirts.ESPN’s Andy Katz spoke with Sampson today about the first full practice (freshmen and transfers weren’t able to play until classes started.) You can read what Katz has to say on his blog if you’re an ESPN insider.

Let’s just say that Katz didn’t call Sampson today because he needed advice on matching red ties with blue shirts. He called because the Hoosiers have as good a shot as anybody to be in the Final Four next March. And that’s what this Indiana team will have to deal with all season.

As Doug pointed out in our first podcast of the fall today (it’s free!), this team is clearly the most talented of those he’s covered but also the most inexperienced. Captains D.J. White and Lance Stemler have three years of playing experience at Indiana between them. It seems likely that with A.J. Ratliff out for the first semester — he’s practicing but won’t go to the Bahamas — and Ben Allen gone, all six newcomers will need to contribute.

I’m interested to see how the whole team works together playing in the Bahamas. You and I saw a lot from the recruits during the barnstorming tour, but as Sampson said Saturday, “there’s no correlation between those games and the way we play.” But I think this weekend must be seen as some early indication of how this team will play. Think about Sampson’s first year as coach: it didn’t take long to figure out that he’d get those guys to defend and rebound, while everything else would be inconsistent.

Anyone else headed to the Bahamas and staying at the Atlantis?


  1. Wow! Football season starts Saturday, we get a 4 sentence paragraph about the Football team and 6 paragraphs about the IU basketball team. People wonder why we can’t sell tickets, besides the past records.

  2. Great podcast fellas. If you need me to come on sometime I’d be happy to talk IU sports. Chris, some video of the Bahamas games would be sweet. I’d love to get an early look at Eric in an IU uniform.

  3. Oh Please! Do you really think this blog is the downfall
    of IU football ticket sales? You place far too much
    importance on nothing. This is not, nor ever has been
    a football program that will consistantly sell tickets year
    in and year out. Enjoy the game, but place blame on lack
    of sales squarely where it belongs. On apathetic fans,
    coaching carousel, mid-tier MAC recruits and an incredible
    baskeball legacy that shouldn’t have to be downplayed to
    please football fans.

  4. Mulder,

    You need to calm down first. Do I place the blame on this blog? NO! The blame falls on the program not winning, the fans for not backing the kids regardless of the outcome, and third, and an important one is lack of support by local media. If the media continues to place football as a back seat to basketball, when basketball is not even in season, then the support will never grow by the readers and the fans. The media has no obligation to support the program, but to report on the program, but when they play favorites, as in this case to IU basketball, that creates a fan bias toward one sport.

    Don’t believe me? Then how come IU Soccer (besides being soccer) doesn’t sell out? You talk about IU and the Basketball tradition of this school, it doesn’t even beging to compare what the IU Soccer team has done, yet they get hardly any press, and most of the times, even the most diehard fans don’t know what the soccer team is doing.

    As far as IU basketball, I would rather sit in the stands, with it raining, and in the mid 30’s to watch a football practice, than to watch a basketball game. The football team may not be very good, but the heart, the desire, and the attitude to keep fighting to the end is 100 times that of the basketball program. My thoughts, my opinion, you don’t like it, TO BAD!!

  5. Well this blog is part of “the local media”. My point was
    the reason ticket sales don’t meet expectations has
    nothing to do with this or local media. It has to do with
    the product on the field, etc. and a basketball program
    with a pretty serious reputation. I’ll give you IU soccer
    has been an amazing program, but the sport is still not
    as big as in other countries, and they do get press. But
    after all it’s still soccer – there’s alot of “who cares”
    sentiment for the sport.

  6. They do get press, but the highly succesful soccer team takes a back seat to football as far as press coverage. Like you said, soccer in America is a “who cares” sport.

    If you noticed in my post, media coverage was my third and last reason. I agree the main issue on sales is the on field performance of years past. Second is IU fans. If your winning, they are some of the greatest fans in the world, but if you lose….. I have never heard so many rude, inconsiderate a-holes in all my life. I actually had to have a “fan” removed from Memorial Stadium last year, because of the language he was using with my 7 year old son right in front of him, and his poor child next to him.

    I am proud to be an IU fan, I support the boys down till 0:00 in the 4th quarter of the bowl game they will play in this year. I will continue to do so, win or lose, I will be a fan, I just wish the rest of the “IU fatihful” really understood what that means!

  7. MP – I’ve had the same “fan” experience you have had.
    May be indicative of society getting meaner as a whole.
    At any rate, I’ll be there for most of the home games and
    I’ll cheer for the Hoosiers. I may even take in a soccer
    game or two!

  8. I have my tickets, Section 3. I won’t take in a soccer game this year, no time. My nephew plays for Bloomington South, my son plays MCYFA and I coach, plus work, and taking a class this semester.

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    Karl Malone

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  11. Ticket sales don’t have much to do with winning, even in IU’s “glory years” in the late 80s early 90s under Mallory the stadium was only getting 40-45K. The problem is the fan base who just doesn’t care about the program. Included in that base are fair weather fans who root for Notre Dame in football, and then when basketball season comes around they root for IU. People aren’t brought up on IU Football like many other schools are with their programs, rather they put their loyalty with other teams or other sports. There’s no real passion in the fan base outside of a couple thousand.

  12. NKM – Great point about people not being brought up on the team like they are for Basketball. Not that kids could do it now, but when I was 8, 9, 10 years old, I would ride my bicycle to memorial stadium, the gate workers woud let me and a friend go down to the North Endzone, as long as we promised to stay in the grass and not take anyones seat. I miss the cannon going off for scores, just the feel that I had back then. I have not been this excited for an IU season since we had AT running the ball. Something big is going to happen, I just feel it.

  13. Karl Malone say to K 2, I gotta big elbow and its gonna be comin at you!

    Karl Malone

  14. Uh.. I’m going to the Bahamas.. What’s the deal with the rumor that some player(s) (assuming not AJ) aren’t going to make the trip with the team?

    Anyway, feel free to email me if you want to have a couple drinks while I’m down there… or if you’re taking the shuttle like the rest of the little people, I’ll see you there!

  15. Dan,

    I planned my trip through Sport Tours, so I’ll be staying in the same area and riding the same shuttles, etc.

    See you down there.


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