Play reporter for a night

A humble request to anyone who will watch the Big Ten Network when it debuts tonight:

If you watch and have any thoughts on what you see, or a desire to share with those who did not make the switch to DirectTV, please do so by sending me an e-mail at

I’ll post thoughts right here on the blog later tonight, and we can discuss first impressions of the new home for a good number of Indiana football and basketball games.


This is the Big Ten Network Symbol. It’s snazzy.


  1. My once chance to contribute to the publication and stupid Comcast can’t reach a deal. I feel cheated……

  2. They had a clock countdown on all day and led off with a one-hour football preview show followed by … a rerun of last year’s Ohio State-Michigan game.

  3. The Big Ten Network reminded me a lot of the Fox Sports Net channels. The production values were a few notches below an ESPN and the Studio Analysts for the Big Ten Tonight were Gerry Dinardo and Howard Griffith. Not a big fan of Dinardo as I’m assuming most IU fans are not.

    One problem I had was that the Directv Website stated that the BTN would be broadcast in HD and so far I’ve seen nothing but standard definition programming. Directv does have three overflow channels currently showing for the BTN that will show football games that happen to be on at the same time on different channels.

  4. I get the BTN here in beautiful Arizona and I haven’t watched it yet, as currently only OSU-UM is on, but I’m excited to be able to follow IU sports easier.

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