Powers back at QB

Blake Powers’ move to tight end is over, at least for now.

Powers was back at QB at practice Monday, his first practice at his old position since last fall.

IU coach Bill Lynch said after practice that the switch back to quarterback was a mutual decision that he made with Powers over the weekend.

“It was best for him, best for the team,” Lynch said. Powers will continue to play quarterback, at least for the foreseeable future, Lynch said.

Powers and freshman Ben Chappell took reps with the No. 2 offense during various parts of the morning practice.

Having Powers at QB gives the Hoosiers a veteran backup, along with Chappell, a redshirt freshman, behind sophomore Kellen Lewis. Lynch said freshman Teddy Schell, the team’s fourth quarterback, will play on the scout team this year and will hopefully be given a redshirt season if a lack of injuries at the position allow that to happen.

Lynch said freshman Mitchell Evans, who worked at QB earlier in camp, played well at safety in the Saturday scrimmage so he’s likely to stay at that position.

“Mitchell played pretty darned good,” Lynch said. “He’s a good football player.”

Lynch said that after watching film of the scrimmage, he came away impressed with the play of several of the freshman defensive players, including defensive end Jeff Boyd, linebacker Tyler Replogle, safety Jarrell Drane and cornerback Chris Adkins.

With Drane at 6-2 and Adkins at 6-1, they are a pair of DBs that could eventually add some size to IU’s defensive backfield.


  1. Does this news lead anyone else to believe that maybe a shaky start for Kellen has inched our coaching staff closer to the quarterback controversy that plagued the early weeks of last season? All parties involved are quick to indicate Powers’ position changes are “what’s best for the team.” Is the move back to QB a sign that things weren’t working for him at tight end, or that we unfortunately need him more behind center?

  2. CJ – Now why did you have to say what everyone else reading this already was thinking? Of course his move back is because of concern for the QB position. Kellen Lewis is throwing 2-3 interceptions every practice, Chappell, while a very good pocket QB, does not have game day experience to toss him in there if down and need a key spark. Powers brings experience and stability to a shallow position on the team.

    Lewis throwing the picks in practice is a concern, as I think about it more, you have to remember he is going against his defense, a defense that knows his plays, knows his receivers, the routes they run, and face them every day. It does bother me that he is not recognizing the coverage.

  3. Oh, and CJ, I still say the water ballon toss was more accurate than we thought, and gave him another chance at QB. 🙂

  4. Mike P–I must confess that I felt I knew the answer even as I asked, yet was still hoping that it wasn’t the case. It’s only logical that Powers’ experience makes him the appropriate back-up ahead of a young Chappell, but I don’t think I can handle the juggling of starters again…

  5. CJ – I agree, I don’t think I could handle a season of “musical QB’s”.
    I have watched all three of these QB’s play. Kellen has the best legs, Powers is the best clock manager, and Chappell has the gun, and accuracy I have not seen from the other two. Of course, I have watched Powers and Lewis play in college, my experience with Chappell was his time at Bloomington South, and in the public scrimmage and spring game. With Chappell not having any game time, I think having Powers there if Lewis was to go down is a good thing. Hopefully we can do well, and Chappell can get some much needed game experience this season, we may not have Lewis after this year.

    Depth at QB is a good thing. Take the Colts for example, if for any reason Peyton ever went down, Jim Sorgi could not come in and produce any offense, and he is in his 4th or 5th year in the NFL.

  6. Powers looked a little undersized at tight end saturday. Also, so much of the offense was run with 4 and 5 wideouts that I don’t think powers was going to be able to contribute much there anyway. You guys agree? I am glad he is back at QB. If Lewis struggles we have a proven guy to fill in.

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