Ratliff, continued . . .

I’ve climbed into the depths of the NCAA Bylaws to find out what I could about eligibility.

From what I can tell, A.J. Won’t be eligible until after Indiana’s final day of final exams, which is Dec. 14. If that is in fact the case, he’ll miss nine games instead of the eight that Sampson indicated. That ninth game? You guessed it: Kentucky on Dec. 8.

As for what caused A.J. to become academically ineligible, there are two possible reasons:

  • He failed to show sufficient progress toward a degree. Clause (I did not make that up) of the NCAA Manual states:

“A student-athlete who is entering his or her fourth year of collegiate enrollment shall have completed successfully at least 60 percent of the course requirements in the student’s specific degree program.”

  • Or, Ratliff’s GPA could be too low. Refer to in your handy NCAA guide:

A student-athlete who is entering his or her fourth or later year of collegiate enrollment shall present a cumulative minimum grade-point average (based on a maximum of 4.000) that equals 100 percent of the institution’s overall cumulative minimum grade-point average for graduation.


  1. Karl Malone get a degree at Louisana Tech. Karl Malone think all atheletes should get a degrees.

    Karl Malone

  2. At least no one can accuse Sampson of trying to bend the rules (i.e. cheat) to let him play…

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