Recruit Game 3: North Daviess High School

Final: Indiana 146, North Daviess 99

Eric Gordon led all scorers with 41 points and hit eight three pointers. Eli Holman added 25 points and 14 rebounds, while Jamarcus Ellis had his second triple-double in three games.


8:00 left, second half: Indiana 117, North Daviess 74

Brandon McGee finishes an alley-oop hard and basically sends this game into nothing more than a glorified dunking contest. Except that only one team has players that can dunk.

Ray McCallum Jr. has once again been impressive. I don’t claim to know squat about recruiting rankings and all that stuff, but if there are 20 sophomores who are more valuable to a basketball team than McCallum I’ll give you all a dollar.


16:00 left, second half: Indiana 87, North Daviess 57

Who, exactly, is DeAndre Thomas going to guard in the Big Ten? He’s got four fouls in this game, and there’s been at least four times where he just stopped guarding his man.

But Kelvin Sampson must have some plan. Right?


Half: Indiana 74, North Daviess 47

A dramatic last-second, long 3-pointer from Josh Thompson cut the lead to 27. That could be the game-breaker.

Quick stat wrap:

Eric Gordon’s got 25 points on 10-of-15 shooting (4-of-6 from 3). He’s also got seven rebounds.

Eli Holman has 15 points on 7-of-8 shooting and eight rebounds.

Jamarcus Ellis has 12 points, eight assists, eight rebounds and two steals.


4:30 left, first half: Indiana 55, North Daviess 37

No one can guard Gordon. Or, come to think of it, Ellis, Holman, Crawford, McGee or Thomas. They’re having trouble with McCallum, even.

Gordon just cut through the lane and finished with a jam.


10:30 left, first half: Indiana 35, North Daviess 27

Indiana getting a feel now for the game and pulling ahead. Gordon with a monster dunk, then Eli Holman made a steal at the other end and went the length of the floor before jamming and being fouled.

But a bunch of guys have missed dunks, too, including Gordon, Ellis and Crawford.


16:00 left, first half: Indiana 15, North Daviess 15

Once again the recruits are starting slow. They’re the only team with pressure on them in this situation.

That Bettis dude can play, though. He’s clearly the most experienced player on the court and the most savvy.

Ellis isn’t too far behind. He hit a 3-pointer, by the way. That’s not something he’s known for.

And, he’s turning 22 today.


Introductions now. Far as I can tell none of the North Daviess players have taken the chance to bolt.

Never saw this before: the public address announcer told us all to stand for the anthem. Then, he sang it. And sang it well.


A sign on the wall here says that this gym holds 4,200. It’s filling up quickly and it’s, umm, cozy. I may go outside to cool down. Yikes.


It’s DunkFest time. Best one I’ve seen so far is Crawford, who does this thing where he tosses it behind his back, jumps, catches the ball in the air and slams it.

Gordon can really dunk, too, and DeAndre Thomas has had some thunderous throw-downs. But what do you expect when a 320-pound guy dunks?


An interesting group of players constitutes the North Daviess Area All-Star team.

Rusty Garrison helped lead Bedford North Lawrence to a state runner-up finish. In 1987. With help from Damon Bailey.

Brian Whitney scored 30 points a game playing for Bethesda Christian (Kentucky). In 1991.

Jeremy Bettis was a star at DePauw University, where he finished second for conference player of the year in 2003. He also played in Germany for the Cottbus Whitedevils, where he twice led the league in scoring and rebounding.

Still, members of the media here have put the spread at 50.


Gordon is here. He just walked out to a big applause between big men DeAndre Thomas and Eli Holman.


SOMEWHERE WEST OF ODON, IND.: On a court located in a school that sits in front of acre after acre of flourishing cornfields, Indiana’s incoming class of 2007 will play against a group of locals in front of a packed house tonight.

So far guards Jordan Crawford, Jamarcus Ellis and forward Brandon McGee have come out for warm-ups. Ray McCallum, the Bloomington North point guard and son of IU assistant Ray McCallum, has also joined the team for a second time. He also played with them at New Albany.

No word on whether Eric Gordon has returned from New Orleans to play in this game. He was there for an adidas camp.


  1. I was fortunate enough to write sports for about two decades with four newspapers, including seven-plus years in Evansville and almost 10 in Louisville. My assignments for the Louisville papers included covering IU football and basketball, highlighted by the ’68 Rose Bowl and the ’67 NCAA hoops regional in Evanston, Ill. I attended tonight’s IU recruits’ game at North Daviess and thought my observations might be of some interest.

    While the IU newcomers are indeed an impressive group, let’s face it: their offensive numbers posted against a rag-tag bunch such as tonight’s opponents are largely meaningless. My guess is that if they utililized tonight’s style of play against Big Ten caliber foes they would have accounted for maybe a fourth of their final tally of 146 points. To be sure, they won’t use such style once Kelvin gets his hands on them.

    Yes, Ellis is extremely versatile in his play: Crawford is surprisingly adept at the point; Holman looks like he’ll be a force offensively and defensively inside; and, of course, Gordon is a marvelous talent. Thomas, though, was disappointing; his only offensive contributions were a few dunks against hapless defenders; he failed to pass the ball efficiently or hang on to it; his rebounding was virtually nil; defensively his feet seemed stuck in concrete, or at best mired in mud; possibly he was tired or bored; I would hope he’ll perk up when they start practicing and playing for real.

    Having said the above, I have only kudos for Brandon McGee and Ray McCallum, Junior. McGee, I thought, played harder and more purposefully than anyone else on the floor, particularly on defense (a genuine novelty tonight). He’s big, strong and can shoot; his high-arching outside shot in warmups was a thing of beauty, and he hit a long three in the game. I predict he’ll be an exceptional four-year performer for the Hoosiers. As for McCallum, the sophomore-to-be at Bloomington North High looks like a grade-schooler next to the significantly older and more physically mature recruits (Thomas would make at least three of him), but the kid can play. He took the ball to the hole better than anyone other than Crawford (Gordon restricted his game primarily to the perimiter); ditto for his passing; shooting, he held his own: I had him for 5 baskets in 10 tries, including a three. Let’s hope Ray Junior will join the Hoosier ranks in three more years; my prediction is he’ll eventually e one of the nation’s premier point guards.

    If I’ve added the tiniest bit to the’Hoop Scoop ‘s excellent blog on the game, I’ll be highly gratified.

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