Recruit Game 4: Noblesville

Gordon is here now, and apparently he’s going to coach this half. He did, indeed, have school work to do before he could come here. Same with Ellis. He has a paper and a final.


Half: Indiana 60, Noblesville Area All-Stars 47

An un-spirited first half of play from the recruits, who are without the two players who drive the team. Lots of inside passes to Thomas (16 points) and Holman (13 points). They’re playing against shorter, weaker players who have little chance.

Jordan Crawford isn’t the point guard of the future. Unless Kelvin Sampson knows how to turn him into one. But it seems like Sampson would rather have a guy with a built-in hard drive for that position. Crawford doesn’t. He’s a slasher and a scorer.

My guess is that Gordon and Ellis aren’t here because of classes. The summer session ends Friday, so finals are happening soon and papers are due.


About to get under way here. No Eric Gordon or Jamarcus Ellis.


  1. Your comment “Jordan Crawford isn’t the point guard of the future” seems pretty incredible considering it directly contradicts just about everything we’ve been reading and hearing about Jordan since he showed up at IU a month or two ago. In an article by Terry Hutchens in today’s Indianapolis Star on last night’s IU recruits game in Noblesville Crawford is quoted: “Coach Sampson brought me to Indiana to be a point guard and distribute the ball to guys we have on this team. . . . I’m going to be the guy who gets them the ball.” Are you saying that after watching Crawford in a few exhibition games you can judge his ability better than Sampson? I attended the game at North Daviess and was very impressed with Crawford’s ability to distribute the ball from the point. I suspect a lot of other people were, too. As for the game at Noblesville, he was playing without Eric Gordon and DeMarcus Elllis so he had to do some things he wouldn’t have done if those players had been with him. The fact he took it upon himself to become a prime scorer should be to his credit, not evidence he can’t be an effective point guard.

  2. he will be a very good point guard,i loved the way he took control of the game in the second half

  3. Ditto, Jack on this one. Saying such a sweeping statement about Jordan Crawford this early in his career is a bit hasty don’t ya say? Beyond that, this is the first place I’ve anything of the sort. Other commentators and folks posting in forums seem to think he has plenty of potential to fill the pg spot.

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