So, it’s Hoosier Hysteria. In August.

The Hoosiers have taken the court, much to the delight of about 150 fans gathered here. They’ve been running through warmup drills and are now running full court stuff. It’s like what they did at the beginning of Midnight Madness last year, except this time Eric Gordon is playing instead of watching.

Gordon, by the way, has opted for the D.J. White-style white shirt under his practice jersey. White, oddly, has ditched the look.

I’ve been trying to take pictures, but it’s incredibly dark in here now that the sun has gone down. I don’t know how any of it will turn out, so I apologize ahead of time.
This is a family affair here, as Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson has his wife, daughter and son with him. Kellen is now a graduate assistant with the team.

Dan Dakich is also here, marking the first time we’ve seen him back with the team in a on-court capacity. He’s taken up a post right in the midst of the drills Indiana is running right now and is talking to each player who passes by him.

So far there’s no other team on the court, but I do believe they’re in the house somewhere as we near the purported game time.

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