What was, and what will be

Ever so suddenly we’re embroiled in the drama of another go around for the various sports teams representing the Indiana University. An update:


Kelvin Sampson will hold a press conference Saturday to discuss his team’s preparations for the Bahamas Foreign Tour, which begins Aug. 31. But he’ll have plenty of other issues to address.

  • Ben Allen’s departure leaves the Hoosiers with no players 6-10 or taller. Say what you will about Allen’s abilities as a player, he had size and appeared to be learning to use it on defense. And why would a player decide to transfer this late? It’s an odd time for somebody to be making that decision.
  • The rumor about A.J. Ratliff not being eligible to play the first semester due to academics. Let me take a moment to share our philosophy on rumors: once upon a time, rumors spread fairly slowly and a newspaper like ours could wait until they worked themselves out. Now, rumors rumble through the message board community as quickly as the bandwidth allows. So that changes how we must deal with them. The Ratliff rumor has been out there for most of the summer; now we’re trying to either quash it or get confirmation. As journalists, we’d prefer not to see stuff floating around out there. We’re after the truth, especially when someone is trying to conceal it.
  • Finally, Sampson should find some time to discuss basketball. How does he see this new team fitting together? What style will it play? How is he using the ten practices alloted to him to prepare for the four games in the Bahamas?


By the way, we’ll have coverage from the Bahamas. We’re the only newspaper we know of who is sending a reporter. Mike Pegram — you know him as Peegs — will be making the journey down there, too, but won’t be able to send any updates back to you guys once I accidentally bump his laptop into that crystal clear ocean. (Just kidding, Mike.) But I hope you’ll find time to check out the Scoop for constant updates and be on the lookout for a few podcasts and videos (free on our Web site) and of course numerous stories in the paper and on the Web (reading the stories requires a subscription).



Indiana has already started preparing for its first game against Indiana State. The team broke fall camp on Wednesday and everyone, it seems, was happy to do so. The Hoosiers have dozens of nagging injuries to key players and anybody who wasn’t hurting midweek looked dog tired.

  • We’ll have our Big Ten Preview in Sunday’s paper. You’ll find an overview story of the conference and short capsules with important info on each team.
  • On Tuesday Bill Lynch will host his first weekly press conference as head coach.
  • Indiana is continuing its push to sell tickets, most recently offering them free passes to all freshmen for the Indiana State game.


Mike Freitag’s team has once again been picked to win the conference. But he’s still trying to decide on a starting lineup.

  • The No. 8 Hoosiers are already in Fort Wayne, where they’ll face No. 10 New Mexico in an exhibition game Saturday. Freitag is still tinkering with his formation. Here’s what makes Indiana soccer so fascinating: the two Hoosiers who earned spots on the U.S. Under-18 team this summer are both fighting for spots on the field. No doubt midfielder Dan Kelly and MF/B Kevin Alston will eventually be stars; but right now Freitag is trying to figure out where they fit.


No doubt you’ve been following the fiasco. Latest news is that the Big Ten Network is 100 percent sure that it will reach no deal with Comcast (which means that many others, including Insight, will continue to hold out, too.) Indiana fans will therefore miss two games next weekend: the Indiana State football game at 8 p.m. Saturday and the men’s soccer game against No. 2 UCLA on Sunday afternoon.


  1. This here Karl Malone,

    Karl Malone don’t like those players transferin, thinkin they better than everyone. Karl Malone think Ben Allen should used his elbows more. Karl Malone use his elbows, and they big and hurt! Karl Malone believe Ben Allen needs to use those elbows.

    Karl Malone don’t like kids dat don’t go to school. Karl Malone say we need teach these young guns a lesson, and start suspendin.

    Karl Malone

  2. I still thing the Big Ten and Comcast are still arguing over who is the greediest – lets face it – the only losers in this greed fest is the IU fans that won’t be able to watch the Basketball and Football games for free – Prior to either Big Ten or Comcast – while we are facing it – if it wasn’t for BASKETBALL and Football games the Big Ten Network would not even get off the ground!

  3. Keith,

    Eli’s listed at 6-9 on the official roster, and that seems to be correct. He’s “long” but not a true 7-footer.


  4. We didn’t have a 6-10 guy with Ben Allen either. If he was to ever cut his hair, or comb it down, he would only be 6′-7.

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