Angel Garcia will wear blue in college

Both and are reporting that Angel Garcia, a 6-10 wing from East Chicago, has chosen Memphis over Indiana. He’ll join the Tigers’ class of 2008 during the early signing periodAngel Garcia pushes the play in May during an AAU game at Assembly Hall. in November, according to reports.

Not much of a surprise here. I predicted that Garcia would end up in Memphis during a recent chat on So if I could pick up on the signs it must have been pretty obvious.

Garcia has no post game. He’s purely a wing. Indiana already has Devin Ebanks to play that role in the class of 2008. Bud Mackey, who I’ve said about 100 times is underrated, will have an immediate impact, too. And Indiana recently added a shooter in Matt Roth, so it’s not like Kelvin Sampson will be lacking offensive options next November.

Add to all the above the fact that Indiana is in much better shape with athletic center Tyler Zeller than it was earlier in this summer, and you start to see that Garcia isn’t such a great fit here anymore.

He’ll join the Morris twins — Marcus and Markieff — in Memphis’s ’08 class. Garcia’s game is a little bit like Marcus’ in some respects, but Markieff is a power forward.

We shot video of Garcia earlier this year. It can be found by clicking right here. 


  1. Chris,

    I have to agree with you on this. Garcia is a perimeter player and probably would have played the 3 and maybe the 4 a bit. While I would have liked for IU to land him, Zeller is the top priority if I’m Coach Sampson and staff.

  2. Maybe Sampson could have taught Garcia English… or he would have just failed every class at IU also.

    Knowing Tyler really well… I can tell you theres about a 5% chance he will choose IU.

  3. We already had one 6’10” wing player. His name was Ben Allen and he just left because Sampson was trying to shoehorn him into a post role for which he was ill-suited.

  4. Allen wasn’t a “wing player.” He was a center that could shoot from the outside. If Allen was a wing player, he was the slowest moving wing I have every come across. Garcia is a lot more athletic, and the only similarity he has with Allen is that he is tall.

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