Bill Lynch En Fuego

Bill Lynch is sometimes described as laid-back, but that’s not what I just saw.

After every practice, Lynch gathers the Hoosiers around him on the field for some final words before they leave. Today, Lynch delivered a fiery speech I could hear well from where I was standing more than 60 yards away waiting to do some post-practice interviews.

The coach’s time with the players is something of a private thing and I’m not going to give you all of the details of what Lynch said, but I want to share a general idea because it tells you something about the guy who’s head coach now. Lynch, with a clenched jaw and a hard stare, told the players that on a hot day like today, striving to just get through practice isn’t enough and he won’t tolerate that because it won’t get the team to where it needs to be. He said that no matter if it hurts, they are going to give the extra effort it takes to get better every day and he’s going to play the guys who are willing and able to do that.

This is my sixth year covering the team and it was one of the most impassioned speeches I’ve heard on the practice fields. But despite that warm little chat, I don’t think fans need to worry about this being any kind of sign about the team’s motivation this week. Instead, I think Lynch saw that after a blowout win he needed to make sure he grabbed hold of the team’s attention.

It was interesting last week that offensive coordinator Matt Canada stopped one of the practices midway through and gave the offense an intense impromptu talk about picking up their level of effort. Obviously, the offense did OK on Saturday. I think that with Terry Hoeppner being so much the public face of this program the past two years, some fans worry that the remaining staff doesn’t have the fire, motivational skills and leadership to carry this team as far as it’s able to go, but I don’t see that in watching them.


  1. I like hearing that Lynch isn’t going to settle for the guys just to make it through, that he wants them to dig down and pull something out and push out that extra. I have always been taught you leave it all on the field, give 110% until you are ready to drop, then you find that little extra to finish the game.

  2. I was one of those worried about a lack of fire and intensity…. Glad I was wrong!! Go Hoosiers!!!!!

  3. Now if he only knew how to call plays. So far the strategy of calling the same running play three times in a row hasn’t worked very well for us.

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